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Posted on at 11:49 AM by Moobeat
Ready for a heads up on our next featured gameplay mode? Here's the details on the Showdown - a 1v1 and 2v2 mode debuting during this year's Snowdown!
Here's Brackhar with the full scoop:
"You’ve shot off five Final Sparks and achieved immortality through constant Chrono Shifts, but now it’s time for a Showdown 
For the next Featured Gameplay Mode, you’ll be able to duel it out with friends and foes alike on an icy battlefield that promises contests of epic proportions. 
With three paths to an honorable victory, will you go full ham and draw first blood, waveclear your way to 100 CS or channel your inner Ziggs and demolish the turret before your opponent? 
If you queue up with a buddy for the beatdowns, you’ll notice that you need two kills to earn the dubya, or the two of you can combine to hit that century CS mark. 
Sharpen your swords and ready your hextech revolvers. The Showdown approaches this Snowdown."

Showdown is also now available for PBE testing! Continue reading for more information and a better look!

Here's BuffMePlz with more information!
"Hey everyone! The Showdown featured game mode, centered around 1v1 or 2v2 skirmishes on Howling Abyss, is now playable on PBE! Give it a shot and tell us what you think!
Rules are simple; you win if any of the following happen: 
-In a 1v1, first blood wins! In 2v2, the first team to get two kills wins. Suicides count as kills (albeit uncredited).
-The first team to kill a tower wins the game.
-The first team to score a combined 100 CS wins the game. 
Remember that unlike in ARAM, you are allowed to heal, shop, and recall to base whenever you want. 
There are a couple of known issues with this build that should be addressed by tomorrow:
-The Showdown loading screen is WIP - champion frames might not fit properly on 2v2 during loading
-Doran's items have missing tooltips when viewed from the "Recommended Items" page
-Announcements for minion kill events have no VO and incomplete text
-Recall's tooltip on Showdown is missing 
Let us know if you find any other bugs, and please feel free to leave lots of feedback about your Showdown experiences!"
Loading screen!
Game mode reminders after entering game.
Top corner tracks minion kills!

Note: There are currently some bugs floating around - they should be sorted out soon! 

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