Red Post Collection: Even more Yasuo feedback, Riven's passive on resource bar, and more!

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Ready for some read posts after a Holiday weekend full of Legacy skins and Mystery gifts!? I hope so because this collection features CertainlyT discussing Yasuo on the PBE community, ricklessabandon with a note on the community idea of using Riven's empty resource bar to display her passive, a small bug for Vayne's E, and more!
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More on Yasuo 

CertainlyT is continuing to answer questions and discussion Yasuo over on the PBE community!

As for Yasuo's windwall currently blocking tower shots on non-Summoner's Rift game modes, CertainlyT commented:
"Thanks all. We will hook up Howling Abyss, Dominion, and TT asap! RiotJHa (QA on Yasuo) wanted to make sure the fix we deployed for Summoner's Rift worked before universalizing it."

He also talked a bit about a new targeting indicator for Wind Wall, Q3 ( tornado ) being not autosmartcasted, and a bit about Yasuo's early game and scaling:
"Thanks for the feedback. 
I'm going to try to fix the targeting indicator for Wind Wall. I agree, right now it isn't intuitive. Should have something for you to play with by Monday. 
The Q3 not being autosmartcast is something we are trying. I assume that it didn't occur to you to make Q smartcast. Can you speak as to why this is? It's possible we can solve it. A lot of players expressed frustration that it was hard to learn Q3's length and width as auto-smartcast, so I'd love to find some balance here. 
As to Yasuo's scaling, I agree that he is a little too soft early game (and a little too strong late game). We've leaned to heavily on early game nerfs to contain his late game power, rather than addressing the problem directly. There's room within the carry domain for a late game that is less powerful than Yasuo at present. There's room below lane bully for an early game that is more powerful than Yasuo at present. All that said, we never promised Yasuo's early game would be easy. To flourish in the laning phase with Yasuo, you'll still have to play as well or better than your opponent."

Riven's Passive on her resource bar

When presented with the idea of using Riven's empty resource bar to showcase the number of passive charges she has, ricklessabandon responded positively and said he'd look into seeing what the rest of the team thinks!
"ah, interesting suggestion. this was easy to hook up for the purposes of testing, so i can show this to the others on my team and see if anyone has any good reasons not to do this. i certainly can't promise anything, but assuming that it reads well and is better for the game, i'll push to get something on the pbe. 
thanks for the thread/suggestion! :3"
He continued:
"yes, there are a few concerns (such as the ones you've mentioned) regarding clarity, which is why this is something i want to discuss with a few groups internally before immediately throwing it onto the pbe. i think the idea is worth trying out all the same. we'll see how it goes—hopefully this wouldn't take a ton of polish/development and ends up being an easy, quick, and good change. :3"

Crystalline Flask Limit

When asked if it was possible to limited players to only being able to buy one Crystalline Flask, CertainlyT replied:
"Good call! There's less NEED for this -- new players were routinely buying a second pair of boots, but there's also absolutely no situation in which you would want two Flasks, so we should take the bad option away."

3.14 Condemn Bug

In response to a bug post about 3.14 Vayne's Condemn not stunning targets if they are dashing or jumping and get hit with the bolt, CertainlyT commented:
"I'm looking into this. What you are describing definitely could be related to the Condemn changes (which I scripted). Expect resolution by the next scheduled patch if not sooner."

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