Legacy skins, Legacy Skin Bundle, and Mystery Skins now available!

Posted on at 1:34 AM by Moobeat
I hope you are ready to drop some serious RP because the Legacy Vault is now open and mystery skins are now available! 

Between now and December 31st, 47 previously retired legacy skins are up for sale with a daily 50% sale, for select skins, each day! Between now and December 2nd, you'll also be able to pick up a mega Legacy bundle - featuring all 47 skins and their respective champions for 60% off!

Between now and December 2nd, mystery skins - the self only version of mystery gifting - are also available! 490 RP buys you a random skin available in the shop - even legendary and ULTIMATE tier skins! You can purchase up to three mystery skins a day and you might even snag some legacy skins that can't be purchased as part of the above sale!

Here's Udyr with a reminder of his own:
"Legacy Skins, the Mega Legacy Bundle and Mystery Skins are now live. Pick up your favorite classic skins, or surprise yourself with a Mystery Skin today!"

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