12/6 PBE Update: Yasuo Login Screen, Snowstorm Sivir & Snow Day Singed Load Screens

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Note: Some mistakes were made and the original version of this post, from late last night, got deleted. Sorry!

[Update]: Showdown is re-enabled!

The PBE has been updated! In addition to numerous rolled back changes creeping back in, we also have theYasuo login screen and load screen images for Snowstorm Sivir and Snow Day Singed!
Continue reading for the latest from the Public Beta Environment!

(Warning: PBE Content is tentative and iterative - what you see may not reflect what eventually gets pushed to live servers! Manage your expectations accordingly. )

(Warning #2: Things with the PBE are going to be pretty weird for the next few days due to recent issues - read more on them and the rollback here. )

Here's Riot Feithen with a PBE community post on the update:
"Hi folks, 
PBE will be opening shortly and includes the following updates:
  • Lulu snowman fix; Lulu is now enabled
  • Scroll lock bug is fixed
  • New login screen!
  • Polish on the Snowdown skins that we'd previously reverted
  • Tons of general bug fixes
  • Snowdown Showdown game mode
This build also includes many of the balance changes that had been made over the course of the last week, which we reverted last night. We have not yet fully "caught up" with our previous state and expect an additional patch tomorrow. 
Looking forward to your feedback! 

Showdown (Re-) Enabled on PBE!

Here's BuffMePlz with good news that Showdown mode has been enabled for more testing!
"Hey everyone! The Showdown featured game mode has once again been enabled and is now playable on PBE!

As before, you win if any of the following happen: 
-In a 1v1, first blood wins! In 2v2, the first team to get two kills wins. Suicides count towards the victory kill condition.
-The first team to kill a tower wins the game.
-The first team to score a combined 100 CS wins the game. 
As a reminder, you are allowed to heal, shop, and recall to base whenever you want on Showdown. 
There is a minor known issue where the Recall spell does not have sound when cast on Showdown, but we'd love to hear about any other issues you encounter. Please feel free to leave any feedback about the Showdown game mode here!"

Yasuo Login Screen

Yasuo's login screen is included this patch and it's going to blow you way.

Snowdown Skin Load Screens

While we don't have full splashes yet, Snow Day Singed and Snowstorm Sivir's loading screen arts are included in this game patch.

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