This Week in eSports: 9/9 - 9/22!

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With the conclusion of yesterday's group stage matches, we now know which eight teams will be duking it out in the S3 World Championship Quarterfinals!
Warning: There will be spoilers after the jump! Continue reading for a heads up on which teams made it out of the S3 WF Group Stage, info on the upcoming quarterfinals matches, and several bits of news from the past two weeks!

Season 3 World Finals - Group Stage over.

The group stages have concluded with OMG and SK Telecom T1 continuing from Group A and Gambit Gaming and Fnatic continuing from Group B. More information from the group stages, including VODs, day to day standings, and more, can be found here. The next stage of Worlds, the quarter final matches, start on Monday, 9/23, and will continue through Tuesday, 9/24.

Remaining Teams: 

Group Stage Results:

Bracket Stage:

North and South America

  • Riot announced the two final promotional qualifiers for Season 4 with a partnership with Wellplayed Productions. The top 16 teams on the NA Ranked 5v5 ladder and the top 8 from EUW/EUNE will be eligible to participate in the tournament which will result in 2 spots per region in the Season 4 Promotion Tournament. Full article can be found here with much more detail! 

  • Curse announced that they would be re-evaluating every position and holding open tryouts for anyone who is Diamond 1 or Challenger tier. Full post can be found here.

  • Quantic Gaming announced their new roster which includes Locodoco, Woong, Prime, Apple, and Gunza. Full roster can be found on their Leaguepedia Page


  • SK Gaming released Kev1n and hyrqbot from their rosters and after reaching an agreement they joined NiP. Malunoo was moved to substitute jungler for NiP.  Full announcement can be read here

  • At the same time as the previous announcement, Mimer was released from the NiP roster. Full announcement can be found here.

  • Dreamhack Bucharest occured over the 14th-15th which resulted in H2k-Gaming coming in first followed by Copenhagen Wolves

  • S3 Group Stage competitor have announced they will be leaving the organization but they will continue to play League of Legends under a new name. Reddit announcement can be found here.

China/Korea/Southeast Asia/Oceania

  • easyhoon and FLahm announced they were departing from Samsung Galaxy Blue

  • Morning joined Taipei Assassins while bebe moved to AD Carry. DinTer moved to sub. 

  • colalin (Formely a player on TPA/TPS) announced her retirement from competitive LoL and announced she was becoming an Event Specialist. 

As always, feel free to leave any eSports questions/group predictions you may have for me in the comments below!

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