This week in esports 9/2-9/8

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With the completion of yesterday's LPL finals, all of our S3 World Championship spots are now decided and groups have been released!
 Caution: There will be spoilers after the jump! Continue reading for a recap of important eSports news from the last week, the final line up of teams competing in the S3 World Championship, schedules, and more!

Season 3 World Finals:

  • Here's a breakdown of where all the teams for World Finals are coming from:
    • China - LPL Finals (2 spots)
    • Europe - (3 spots)
    • North America - determined by NA LCS playoffs at Pax 2013. (3 spots)
    • Taiwan - determined by Taiwan Regional Finals. (1 spot)
    • Southeast Asia - (1 spot)
    • Korea - Circuit Points. (3 spots)
    • International Wild card - (1 spot)

Finalized Spots: 

Group Stage:

Bracket Stage:



North and South America

  • Velocity eSports moved Maplestreet to mid lane and brought in Slackoh (formerly of Team Summon) as a new ADC. ecco also announced his departure from the team. Full announcement can be read here

  • RiotMagus announced that there would be an analyst desk at the Season 3 World Finals and that Montecristo will be one of the analysts (pending negotiations).


  • Evil Genuises announced they were letting go of Shacker and nRated (their subs). Full announcement can be read here.

  • It was announced that Jason Kaplan will not be returning to casting during Season 4 EU LCS.

China/Korea/Southeast Asia/Oceania

  • Samsung Electronics acquired the rosters of both MVP Ozone and MVP Blue. MVP Ozone is now named Samsung Galaxy Ozone

  • The Season 3 Korea Regional Finals wrapped up this week between the 3rd-6th place teams in OGN/NLB circuit points. SK Telecom T1 took first place and the last spot for the Season 3 World Finals

  • Toyz (formerly of TPA) announced that he will be joining the team HK Attitude in the near future.

  • OMG and Royal Club secured the final two Season 3 World Championship spots in the China Regional Finals. They beat out Positive Energy and iG for the spots.

As always, feel free to leave any eSports questions/group predictions you may have for me in the comments below!

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