Red Post Collection: High Quality Sivir VU Concept Art, Ao Shin not Pool Party Poster champion, and Creator Viktor's E

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Monday morning is here again and what better way to kick off another week than with a batch of red posts and an awesome concept art for the Sivir Visual upgrade?
Continue reading for a high quality version of the Sivir VU concept art seen during the PAX Prime panel last weekend, confirmation that Ao Shin is not the mysterious figure from the Pool Party poster, and a chunk of discussion on the particles for Creator Viktor's Death Ray!

High Quality Sivir VU Concept Art
Just has he promised, IronStylus has posted a high quality version of the concept art for Sivir's visual upgrade, seen first during the PAX Prime relaunch panel:
"Yup. Here ya go. This is the final concept we worked from when building her model. This is also what people saw when we did the Relaunch panel, with a little bit of cleanup and a better background added in.

I know a lot of people saw a picture of an image on screen. Hopefully this gives you something a little bit easier to read! Pretty messy in a lot of places however. A couple things have changed since we did this concept though, and more might when we get additional feedback. But since this image is out there publicly, I thought it'd be nice for others to see."

As for better quality version of the in-game stuff shown, he noted:
"We showed off a small sizzle real at PAX, I'll ask to see if I can put it up, but it's very premature. She's still not finished across all skins. Lots of polish work needed."

He also fielded a short question about Evelynn's eventual visual upgrade, saying:
"Eve will be a while out. She's high-risk also. Some fundamental questions surround here theme/fantasy/etc. We might try some wild explorations before settling on something. I think she'll be an awesome opportunity however."

Ao Shin is not the figure from the Pool Party Poster
In the event there was any doubt about it in your mind, Meddler confirmed that the recently sneak peeked Ao Shin is NOT the mysterious figure seen in the Pool Party poster handed out at PAX last week - something several summoners have been questioning due to the cloud tattoos seen on the arm.
"Ao Shin is indeed male and the partially shown character in the pool party splash is definitely not Ao Shin."
Definitely no dragon here! Any more ideas on who she might be?
Creator Viktor's Death Ray particles
Here's Bitsplosion, an associate VFX artist, defending the color choices of black for the non augmented beam and a white hot coloration for the augmented version of Creator Viktor's Death Ray ability.
"Heyo! I've seen this sentiment a couple times, and I totally see where you're coming from. Usually in skin terms, more different from base = higher cool-factor so to speak. While I'm a fan of the black disintegration-beam look too, as we looked at the skin over many team reviews the team agreed on a couple points that lead to this combination. 
Primarily, the white-hot look of the Augmented laser actually looks more powerful mostly by way of brightness. In addition and as Guiotine mentioned, we felt the brighter and more fiery color palette matched the DoT component in a more intuitive way. Even from outside skins team, there were a lot more "whoa!"s when people saw the Augmented beam, even right after the normal one. After all was said and done, we ultimately settled on the current setup. 
The main thing though, if you haven't had the chance, I'd encourage you to try it out and see how it feels in-game. The Augmented version has more aggressive motion in the beam/impact point as it carves across the ground, and mixed with the sound it's a pretty epic combo. VFX are designed to be seen in motion!

Hope that sheds some light on the current implementation!"

For reference, here's a shot of Creator Viktor's beam from the latest PBE build:

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