Red Post Collection: XP bug to be fixed on Monday, cgsammu's model renders,RP+ Q&A, and more!

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This morning's red post collection features the announcement that a hotfix for the XP bug will be coming to all regions on Monday, more discussion from Yakaru on Brush and Fog of War, cgsammu with some awesome model renders, the answers to some common RP+ questions, and more!
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XP Bug Fix on Monday

RiotRival posted an update and gave an expected date for a fix on the XP bug reported yesterday.
"Hey Summoners, 
We wanted to let you know we’re fully aware of the blue side EXP bug where blue minions are giving 2 more EXP than purple minions. We currently have a hotfix ready to go on Monday.

We understand that this problem is a potentially significant issue. When we attempted a solution on Wednesday, additional complications arose. Currently we have a confirmed fix for the bug, but given that server stability is of high importance to us, deploying it over the weekend just isn’t viable. We will be getting this out as soon as possible on Monday.

The tournament servers have already been hotfixed for the World Championship Group Stage games being played this Sunday. 
Thank you for your patience, summoners, and we apologize for the inconvenice."

Update on Fog of War and Brush Discussion

It's been a while but Yakaru has posted a new update in the Fog of War and Brush discussion thread - a conversation aimed at cleaning up both of these notoriously unreliable systems.
Originally Posted by Battlecop
I made a couple of videos on the subject of broken sight in bushes, mainly just us finding spots where you could not be see by wards.
A: (it's almost 20 mins x-x) 
Thanks for making these excellent videos Battlecop, I've handed them off to QA to make sure we make test cases for all these as I fix the various vision issues. 
Also, if I may ask everyone here give props to BC for doing a quick skype with me to help me try to reproduce some of these that were giving me trouble. 
Here's a rough battle plan for what I've got going on right now: 
Phase 1: I put in the 'cleaned up' vision code. This is a sanity check, players should notice no changes
Phase 2: I clean up 'universal' bugs (invisible skill shots, bad brush vision, etc.)
Phase 3+: I look into adding new capabilities or fundamental rule changes (brush revealed indicators, core rule changes, etc.)

I'm hoping for these phases to happen between season 3 and 4, as that's an ideal time to do these sorts of changes."

More of cgsammu's renders

cgsammu, one of Riot's 3D character artists, has popped up on the forums to share more final renderings of skins and champions he's worked on or helped produce!
"Hey guys! I just added: Pool Party Graves, Lucian, and Arcade Hecarim renders! :D hope you guys like it! 
Click here to see all renders! (first page)"

You can check out more of the thing he's worked on, including tons of League of Legends non- League of Legends stuff, by visiting his personal blog.

More Details on RP+ and Answers to EU complaints

While it's been a bit over a month since RP+, Riot's cross promotion with American Express, was announced, Vesh has prepared a post aimed at addressing some common player concerns - such as "Is RP+ a scam?", "Where's my free RP??", and more.
"Hey guys,  
As you might have seen, we teamed up with American Express Serve so that they could offer a full service reloadable prepaid account that offers RP rewards for loading/spending money. We’ve heard some rumors going around about some of the features of the RP+ card as well as questions about what the card actually is.

(If you want to know all the details on how the card works, check out our FAQ and announcement here:
Is RP+ a scam? 
No, it’s not a scam! This is an official partnership, but make sure when you’re on the signup page where you enter your login information that the top level domain of the site is either or Currently it’s
Will I pay fees for using my American Express Serve Card? 
American Express Serve does not currently charge fees for using your Card for everyday spending, sending/receiving money, or linking a bank account, credit card, or debit card. 
What if I want to withdraw money from an ATM? 
There are no ATM fees if you use your American Express Serve Card at an ATM in the MoneyPass ATM network. American Express Serve charges a $2 ATM fee for ATM withdrawals outside of the MoneyPass ATM network. In addition, ATM owner fees may apply. Transaction limits apply. Subject to account privileges/permissions. 
Can I overdraft with this card? Will I be charged anything if I overdraft? 
No, if you do not have a backup funding source designated, you can only spend the money that you have added to your account. 
Why do they need my social security number? To verify identity. Everyone who signs up with needs to provide a SSN. They want to make sure you are who you say you are! 
Why are they asking for a photocopy/fax of my social security card and/or photo ID? My friend didn’t have to do this! 
Every player is different, and sometimes additional proof of identity may be needed. Especially for the younger players! 
How exactly do I meet the “Direct Deposit” requirement? 
Set up Direct Deposit with your employer! This is different from transferring money into your Serve account from another personal account or check/cash deposit.

Will this affect my credit score? 
Nope. This is not a credit card and will not affect your credit score at all. 
My card isn’t here yet! Halp! 
It’ll usually take 5-7 business days to get your card, so hang tight and if you still don’t receive it, contact American Express’ support department at 1-800-954-0559. 
How can I tell when the RP is credited to my LoL account? 
Your transaction history in the store should have entries like the ones seen below:
I didn’t get any RP yet! 
In most cases, you will receive your RP instantly. However, please allow up to 6 days for RP to appear in your League of Legends game account once you sign up for RP+, after your funds transfer is complete, or once your eligible Card purchase settles. 
Once the sign-up process has been completed, your Serve account enters a “Pended” state. This means that your account is being reviewed for authenticity. It can take up to 6 days to verify your email address with Serve. 
To check the current state of your account, log in to Serve. If it says “Your Account is being reviewed” at the top of the page after you log in, your account is currently “Pended”. 
The RP will be credited to your account after it has unpended. 
Can I get this card if I live outside the US? 
We’re sorry, but RP+ from American Express Serve is only available to U.S. residents at this time. Consequently, only the NA accounts are eligible for registration and RP rewards. 
If you have any other questions that aren’t addressed here or in our official FAQ, we’ll be reading and responding to comments in this thread throughout the week!"

As for EU summoners who may be upset such a promotion isn't available to them, Demorphic - the EU community manager - had a few words to share:
"Totally understand your frustration and I would love to have something similar for Europe. 
The amount of resources and work required behind the scenes to set this kind of ongoing partnership up is huge. That's why it is currently only available in North America."
He continued,
"I know it can very often be frustrating to see something like this go live in one region only. It's a great offer and one that would benefit all global players. Requests for this are not isolated to Europe only, everyone wants it. 
However, realistically, Riot is predominantly a North American organization. The majority of our infrastructure and team are in North America. Building an International team from nothing to fully globalized is a lengthy and complex process. 
From my experience, organizations that scale up too quickly and are not vigilant with their hiring, tend to suffer in the mid/long term.

It might not be of interest, but we recently hired a very experienced business development manager for Europe. He is a very driven guy who will be looking at strategic partnerships for Europe. I'm certainly excited by that."
He continued, explaining the recent growth in Riot's interational presence :
"I think it was more the tone used. As though caring for our North American players means lack of desire to care for other regions, or even actively excluding other regions. This is really not the case. 
Only a few years ago Riot had zero presence outside of North America. The entire team was American. Since then the team has grown to the point where a significant percentage of Rioters are International. 
In Europe we have gone through the growing pains of using an external publisher, to pulling things in-house, then working hard to grow our infrastructure to support two constantly expanding platforms. 
To put things in context our EU team is now 10 times larger than the time we took over publishing for Europe. This is to support a vast variety of functions from player support, marketing, community, platform and live services, localization, content and publishing etc. 
Walking the fine line between the need to rapidly expand, but absolutely only hiring new Rioters that 'get' what we are trying to achieve and really add to overall culture.
I can't stress how important it is to build the right team. The success of an organization is fundamentally based on its people. The Riot Manifesto sums up what we are trying to achieve very nicely.

So we are not without huge challenges in all areas and we are all working very hard to keep improving our service to you. We are not here for the short-term."

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