9/6 PBE Update #1 - Improved Options Menu

Posted on at 12:36 PM by Moobeat
An update has been applied to the PBE and we now have our first look at the new and improved in-game options menu!
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(Warning: PBE Content is tentative and iterative - what you see may not reflect what eventually gets pushed to live servers! Manage your expectations accordingly. )

Improved Options Menu

Here's Rayven with more info:
Need to quickly set your hotkeys to Smart Cast, or that one ability to Normal Cast? We’ve got you covered. With the improved Options Menu, our goal is to speed up common tasks and make things easier to find so you can get back in the game!

Usability Improvements
  • Switch between screens with the new navigation. Your changes will be preserved until you hit OK
  • Restore defaults on a per screen basis so you don’t have to clobber all of your settings
  • Find stuff faster now that we’ve reorganized things
  • Scrolling. Yes, scrolling with your actual mouse wheel
  • Quickly switch from Normal Cast to Smart Cast and back
  • Quickly change your main hotkeys or easily find that seldom used one lower down in the list
  • Switching resolutions should be noticeably faster for many players
  • Quickly change graphics settings for more performance or to get higher visual quality with the new graphics slider
  • Quickly find all interface settings now that they live under one roof
  • Check out in-game results while you change settings as some options now update in real-time
More Options
  • Removed! We re-organized its contents into other, more appropriate sections
As with anything on the PBE, we need your feedback to improve this feature. Hotkeys and options differ widely from player to player and we’re interested in how these changes impact you, for better or worse."
As for a release time frame, Riot Reinboom noted it is NOT scheduled for a 3.12 release:
"To note, the new options menu is not slated for 3.12 as we would first like to ensure it's as fit for your scrumptious consumption as possible. :)
I've attached what it looks like for those who can't currently login to the PBE. Both with initial binds and with my [Foxfire] Ahri setup."

Self-Identifcation Circles
If happened to notice the circles surrounding champions on the PBE yesterday, Nome described them as:

"It's a feature for self-identification. We're still iterating on it :)"

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