This week in esports - 7/29-8/4

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This week has been incredible in eSports - full of events, roster changes, and amazing play from the regional league events.
 Caution: Spoilers! Continue reading for a recap of important eSports news and current league standings!

North and South America

  • Nydushermain, the support player from To Be Determined (ex-FXO), joined CLG as a sub.

  • Vileroze, who was recently moved to top lane for ecco, leaves Velocity eSports and is replaced by Cris.

  • It was announced during NA LCS that only three teams will be relegated after the summer split ends. 

  • The Latin American North Qualifiers took place on August 2nd - which resulted in Lyon Gaming in 1st, Arenales Net Games in 2nd, Dash9 Gaming in 3rd, and Tico Gamers in 4th. 

  • The Latin American Finals took place on August 3rd, which resulted in Lyon Gaming beating Team LoL Cave for a spot at the Gamescom 2013 International Wildcard Tournament in which the 1st place team gets a spot at the Season 3 World Finals

  • Cloud 9 HyperX have secured the 1st place spot in NA LCS, ending the week with a 21-2 record. 

Current Standings:


  • Creaton, who injured his hand earlier in the summer split, has returned to Team Alternate as their AD Carry. 

  • Voidle has officially replaced Darker on Gambit Gaming

  • GIANTS! Gaming released four of their members earlier in the week. Samux and Exterminare were left on the roster for the possibility of reforming the team with a new roster. 

  • It was announced that only three teams will be relegated after the summer split ends. 

Current Standings:

China/Korea/Southeast Asia/Oceania

  • The playoffs for OGN finished this week - here are the top 8 teams that will continue on starting August 7th:
    • CJ Entus Blaze
    • MVP Ozone (the previous season winners)
    • Jin Air Greenwings Falcons
    • NaJin White Shield
    • SK Telecom T1
    • Chunnam Techno University
    • CJ Entus Frost
    • KT Rolster Bullets

  • Ragen leaves Xenics Storm

  • The former Season 2 World Champions Taipei Assassins lost their chance to qualify for Season 3 World Finals after losing to Gamania Bears during the Season 3 Taipei Qualifiers.

  • The Bangkok Titans secured a spot in the Southeast Asia Regional Finals representing Thailand after defeating MiTH Flashdive.

Season 3 World Finals:

  • Here's a breakdown of where all the teams for World Finals are coming from:
    • China - determined by LPL season standings. (2 spots)
    • Europe - determined by EU LCS playoffs at Gamescom 2013. (3 spots)
    • North America - determined by NA LCS playoffs at Pax 2013. (3 spots)
    • Taiwan - determined by Taiwan Regional Finals. (1 spot)
    • Southeast Asia - determined by Southeast Asia Regional Finals. (1 spot)
    • Korea - determined by OGN/NLB circuit points. Here's a list of the current breakdown. (3 spots)
    • International Wildcard - determined by regional finals + tournament at Gamescom 2013 (1 spot)

*Current Standings:

  • China 
    • OMG (8-1)
    • Positive Energy (6-3)
    • Team WE (6-3)
    • Invictus Gaming (5-4)

  • Europe - TBD (Gamescom 2013)

  • NA - TBD (Pax 2013)
    • Currently Qualified:
      • Cloud 9 HyperX
      • Vulcun Techbargains

  • Taiwan
    • Upper Bracket
      • Wayi Spider
      • Taipei Snipers
    • Lower Bracket
      • Gamania Bears
      • ahq e-Sports Club

  • Southeast Asia
    • Kuala Lumpur Hunters
    • Saigon Jokers
    • Bangkok Titans
    • Singapore Sentinels
    • TBD team from Philippines (August 10th)
    • TBD team from Vietnam (August 7th)

  • Korean - TBD (OGN Playoffs starts August 7th)
    • Current Leaders:
      • NaJin Black Sword - 500 pts. (knocked out of OGN Summer 2013)
      • MVP Ozone - 420 pts. 
    • Regional Finals
      • CJ Entus Blaze
      • CJ Entus Frost
      • KT Rolster Bullets
      • SK Telecom T1

  • International Wildcard
    • Brazil - paiN Gaming
    • CIS -
    • Latin America - Lyon Gaming
    • Turkey - Dark Passage
    • Oceania - Team Immunity

*Some of these are subject to RAPID change, please don't be offended if they are wrong by the middle of the week!

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