Red Post Collection: Grumpy Monkey talks Eve and ( briefly ) Poppy!

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Red post time! This small collection features Senior Character Artist Grumpy Monkey discussing Evelynn and (briefly) Poppy!
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Eve Visual Update - Still a ways out
Our beloved Grumpy Monkey is over on the forums chatting about Evelynn's future visual update.
Yes there is some progress, we have an initial concept for where we want to take her, but I think she is still a ways out. We are toying around with some different ideas. Nothing is solid right now, but she is up on the board. I don't want to say too much about it, but I would like to hear your thoughts about Eve. 
From a visual standpoint what is important to you? What makes sense and what is confusing? Is her current look the best it could be? Thematically, is blue girl with straps and pink hair really the best we can do for Eve? Is there a way in your opinion we could make Her Character look more in line with the way she plays and her in game abilites? 
Could her lore and character be improved? If she were to be from any part of Runeterra where would she be from? What parts of her lore are worth keeping and what parts are just not helping? Is Eve even human? Or could she be a Hybrid of a Human and...something else?

These are questions we are asking ourselves and would love feedback on from you guys. I think that since she got a gameplay rework not so long ago, there won't be much from the design side. Eve's relaunch will probably be very visual and lore heavy."

He continued, responding to a few questions like "are her heels staying?" "will she still have tassles", etc.
"Yeah, really anything is on the table right now as long as it enhances gameplay and emphasizes her current kit. The tassles are one of those things that if we can make them cool we will. Same with the high heels, even if they aren't really high heels but more Blade heels or something. And maybe she is super attractive but she has these freaky claws that she is ashamed of, or maybe rather than having actual claws, it is elaborate fist armor or demon gauntlets that are taking over, really creatively there are so many ways we can go. Just for me I am a fan of a little bit of tragedy in her story, or a bit of loneliness. I want to know why her passive is invisibility. Is she ashamed? Does she not want people to see her for some reason? I like it when abilities tie into the character's pathos."
Elaborating on the idea of her invisibility being rooted in her being ashamed

"Yeah, The more I think about it, I think the whole shame thing could be a nuanced backstory type thing. Eve on the field is a predator, she's sneaky, Beautiful and very very angry."

After a bit of discussion, he narrowed the popular feedback themes down to:
"From what I am gathering so far: 
1.She must still be sexy
2.She must convey the feel of an assassin
3.Blue skin pink hair and heels can be cool if visually executed well
4. You guys seem 50/50 on the bondage costume
5.Shadow isles is still a legit place for her to be from
Do you guys see Eve as a "Evil" character or do you see places where we can take "Evil" and make it more "Misunderstood" ?"

He continued:
"I like the dichotomy of Lust vs Shame. Eve is this super sexy character, but her passive is invisibility? She has an abilities called "Hate Spike" "Dark Frenzy" "Ravage" and "Agony's Embrace" I think we have the opportunity to make Eve a very dark disturbing character that can tell a very compelling story that is somewhat relate able. Even if it means a Traditional skin, I think we are prepared to do that."

Grumpy Monkey then proposed a wild idea - what if Eve was one of the Darkin?
"Gonna throw this out there; What if she was one of the Darkin and didn't even know?"
He continued:
"Yeah I like the Seven Deadly Sin Theme. 
I agree that making her a full fledged Darkin would be a lot of work, and could potentially close the door on making a brand new Darkin. Sooo, what if she was only Half-Darkin? A Hybrid with no place in the world, so she has to carve out her own destiny with all the fun character development that comes with it? I feel like I need to draw now."

He capped off the discussion by saying:

"Awesome feedback! I think there are a lot of common thoughts and a few ideas that we didn't think of coming out of this thread. This thread will definitely be referenced next time we talk about Eve. 
The lore stuff has a lot of interesting avenues it could take in my opinion. Lots of great thematic points have been made here. 
As far as visuals, I think we have a grasp of what players will expect in a VU for Eve as well as where we as an art team have some wiggle room to make her even more badass.
Great discussion guys."

To satisfy the hordes of summoner's demanding it, he also noted:
"So heels must stay, got it. :)"

What about Poppy?
Eve wasn't the only champion Grumpy Monkey had a few words about, he also briefly mentioned Poppy!
"We are talking about poppy. Whenever we talk about poppy though, the conversation goes meta, and we inevitably start talking about female yordles, then yordles in general. Its tricky and will take a lot of discussion and careful planning."
He continued, explaining that his work on Scarlet Hammer Poppy has forged a special connection between him and the Iron Ambassador:
"That was the first skin I ever made when I came to Riot. :) Poppy has some sentimental value for me. I want her to be awesome from a visual standpoint."

When asked for a bit more info, he noted:
"As far as gameplay tweaks and changes I can't say. From a visual standpoint I think it goes beyond poppy and more into solidifying yordles as a species or racial group. So yeah, lots of discussion and work to be done there."

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