Red Post Collection: More World Champ FInal Tickets available on 8/31, Update on EU / RU / TR Server Problems, and more!

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Here's a small red post collection to help you past the time!
Continue reading for posts concerning the recent stability issues across EU / RU / TR servers, a note about more World Finals tickets becoming available on 8/31, and a bit more discussion on the topics of Fog of War and Brush!

More World Champ Finals tickets available 8/31
If you missed out and didn't get tickets to the upcoming World Championship in Los Angeles in early October, you'll have one more chance to try to get them!
"Due to the overwhelming demand for attendance of the Staples Center event, we've adjusted some production design elements in order to expand available seating at the venue. 
We're working behind the scenes on the stage design to ensure every seat in the house will be a fantastic experience for attendees and to allow more esports fans to cheer on their favorite team live. 
This new and last block of tickets will go on sale on August 31 at 12PM PDT / 21:00 CEST. 
We're aware the ticketing vendor can get overloaded on the day of sales given the large volume of people trying to get tickets, and that this has a negative impact on the purchase process. We're sorry about the inconvenience, and will be looking for alternative solutions for future events. 
The World Championship is a three-week tournament beginning September 15, where the top-ranked teams from around the globe compete for the title of Season 3 World Champion, a $1 million grand prize, and their name etched forever onto the Summoner's Cup. The Championship finals take place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on October 4. 
Click here to follow all the regions on their Road to Worlds."

If you do manage to get tickets, you'll likely bump into some of the S@20 staff there as many of us will be attending and we are so freaking pumped about it.

EU Server Problems
Riot tmx recently posted on reddit concerning the continuing problems with EUW, EUNE, TR, and RU.
"Apologies for the late response, but it took us some time to determine the root cause of the issue. With that now done, I want to share some news regarding recent lag reported on EUW/EUNE, TR and RU servers. 
We’ve identified that our provider is suffering from daily over saturation. The amount of data transmitted daily requires additional upgrades to our provider’s infrastructure. We’re currently working with them to complete this as quickly as possible. Since the upgrade fully depends on our partner, it’s hard to give you any reliable ETA, however we’re helping as much as we can to get this maintenance performed during off-peak hours on August 28/29th night. This doesn’t excuse the lack of information and we’re sorry, it gave the impression we weren’t aware and tested your patience. 
We completely understand how much this sucks for you guys and how frustrating it is, especially when we’re quiet. As we make changes alongside our providers, we’ll be sure to keep you updated. 
Thanks for your understanding. Riot tmx'

More Fog of War and Brush discussion.
Following up on yesterday's discussion, Yakaru had a few more comments on ways to improve Fog of War and Brush!
"Thanks a lot for all your thoughts. I'm going to be going through all the conversation, taking some notes, and figuring out what some good experiments might be to play with. I'll check back in with everyone later and show what I've figured out feels good and doesnt"
As for as a good solution for the player being able to tell if they are stealth or not, he agreed Akali's Twilight Shroud
Think of how Akali stealths and unstealths in Twilight Shroud. She has transparent model while stealhted and then bursts into full color while cutting up some "poor" Teemo. Its a pretty good method of knowing if your own actions have revealed you. Most champions, I believe, have this similar transparent model when either in stealth or in the brush. Copy this same "return to full color" mechanic to all champions actions in the brush. It's a fair bit natural, easily recognizable and communicable, and unobtrusive.
This is definitely sounding like at a minimum the most popular idea. I'm going to prototype it and see if this is technically feasible and looks good/natura"
 Yakaru also had an update on the Jungler/Minimap bug:
"We actually think we have finally figured out what's going on here. It isn't actually jungler/smite related, but the jungle will definitely be the easiest role to have this happen for. I'm working with another engineer now on a fix."
When asked to share some details on the bug, he commented:
"I'd like to wait till we've fixed it and confirmed it all works -- just to prevent anyone from trying to purposefully exploit it as well as make sure I'm not spreading any false data, even inadvertently :)"

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