End of Season 3 Rewards - Victorious Elise!

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Good news everyone, Riot has unveiled the End of Season 3 rewards!

Based on what ranked tier you achieve in any game mode ( that means solo, duo, 5v5, and 3v3 ), these rewards include icons, profile trim, "Season 3 medal for buddy and team invitations", a permanent Victorious Ward skin, and Victorious Elise!
Continue reading for more information and remember: You have until 10/31 to reach your desired ranking!

"With less than three months to go until the end of Season 3, we know anticipation is growing around this year’s rewards. It’s time to reveal what you can earn for Season 3 ranked play.

Like last year, we’re dishing out the rewards based on the tier you reach during Season 3 ranked play. You’ll earn rewards by playing ranked in any game mode (solo, duo, 5v5 or 3v3), and you’ll nab the reward corresponding to the highest tier you hit across all modes. Keep in mind that for 5v5 and 3v3 tier rewards, you have to have played at least five games with the team and participated in 30% or more of the teams total games to qualify.

Enough with the exposition, let’s show off the rewards!

Tier Rewards

(Based on highest tier reached during Season 3)

Bronze or higher: Season 3 Summoner Icon
You’ll earn a Summoner Icon that displays your accomplishments. There is a different icon for each tier.

Silver or higher: Profile banner trim, Loading screen border, and Victorious Ward Skin From your profile banner to your loading screen, reach Silver or higher to earn the corresponding trim. Each tier has a different colored trim. At Silver tier, you’ll also pick up a new permanent Victorious Ward skin to light up the jungle your way.

Gold or higher: Season 3 medal for Buddy and Team invitations and Victorious Champion Skin
Should you climb to the highest ranks of competitive play, you’ll greet new friends and teammates with a personalized invitation badge that shows off your success in shiny style. You’ll also earn the permanent Victorious Ward skin and a unique Victorious skin.
If you have questions or want to learn more about end of season rewards, check out our handy FAQ.

Whether you spin up a new web of teammates or skitter your way to the victory with old friends, head into ranked teams for the chance to earn a viciously victorious new skin as a reward. You’ve got until 10/31, so we’ll see you on the Fields of Justice! GLHF

Additionally, here's a c&p of the S3 Reward FAQ:

What are the rewards and how do I get them?
There are several rewards based on the highest tier you reach during Season 3 ranked play.

Tier Rewards (Based on highest achieved Ranked Queue [solo, 3v3, or 5v5] Tier):
  • Achieve Bronze+ in any ranked queue: Summoner Icon
  • Achieve Silver+ in any ranked queue: Profile Banner Trim, Loading Screen Border, Victorious Ward Skin
  • Achieve Gold+ in any ranked queue: Season 3 medal for buddy and team invitations and Victorious Elise skin

For ranked 5v5 or 3v3 team queues, you’ll earn the rewards based on your team’s highest tier, but keep in mind that you have to have played at least five games with the team and participated in 30% or more of the team’s total games to qualify for rewards.

So if I join a Gold team with a bunch of games played before I signed on, what happens?
Provided you and your new team play the additional number of games so that you hit the 30% threshold, you’ll qualify for Gold tier rewards.

How do the icons, banner and loading screen trim work if I’m Platinum? Do I earn 4 banner trims?
The short answer is no. You’ll earn the icon, banner and loading screen trim for the tier you reached. They are different for each tier.
When does the season end?

Season 3 will end on October 31st.
When will I get my rewards?
We will start granting rewards with the patch downtime, although it may take a few days for them to show up for every player.

Who will see my loading screen border trim and when will it be displayed?
Unlike previous years, the loading screen border trim you earn will be displayed in all queues. So, for example, if you reach Diamond in ranked 3v3, you’ll have a Diamond border trim when you head into solo queue.

Regardless of game mode the border trim will only be displayed to your allies, as we still want to be very careful about influencing perceptions around the fairness of the matchup before the game begins.

If I have an honor ribbon and the loading screen trim, will they both be shown?
Yes, this hasn’t changed and they will both be displayed. The honor ribbon sits on top of the border trim.

If I got Gold in Season 2 and didn’t play ranked in Season 3, will I still have the Gold profile banner trim?
No, the profile banner trim is based on performance in the most recent season.

What happens to my Season 2 rewards?
Your Victorious skins and summoner icons will be retained. The loading screen borders and profile borders will only show the previous season’s results (so it will display season 3). The placement from previous seasons is stored, and we’re working out the best way to display the results from prior seasons, but it won’t be part of this release.

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