Community Content: Vytaan's Guide to Syndra

Posted on at 8:05 AM by Moobeat
Hey guys - Moobeat here. I wanted to introduce you to our latest project: Community Content!

We have wonderful community, full of awesome and talented summoners, and we're starting up a new series to share some community crafted content - be it art, guides, theorycrafting, opinion pieces, or whatver else you guys are interested in! This is just the first of many CC articles and series you'll be seeing in the near future!

Without further ado, here's Vytaan - a EUW Diamond 1 player - sharing his guide on Syndra!

"Hey there! My name is Vytaan (Lesley IRL) and I'm here to bring you video guides every once in a while about my favorite champions in the League! 
I've been playing League since the beginning of 2010, just after the beta. Since that moment I've accumulated about 6000 played games in total, so you could say I'm pretty hooked :P 
I actively play ranked games, having reached Diamond 1 about two months ago. My favorite lane is the mid lane, where I mostly play AP champions (AD casters too, but rarely).  Strangely enough, the champions I love the most and have the most success with aren't seen all that often. A good example of this is the champion in my first guide: Syndra. I do play other roles regularly as well though, as this is pretty much required in solo queue.
Besides League, I'm really, and I mean really, into music/rhythm games. You can find me on osu! pretty often and I've played Audition Online for years. Games like ju(ke)beat, O2Jam, beatmania, DDR, they're all awesome. Another game I love to death is Pangya, previously known as Albatross18. It's an online fantasy golfing game, so I doubt many people know about it, but it's a big part of my gaming history.  
I hope you'll enjoy my guides; please let me know what you think or leave some feedback in the comments! The same goes for any questions you might have!"

You can check him out on his player facebook page or catch him streaming over on twitch ( typically in the evening after 9 PM GMT+1 ).

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