8/12 GREAT ATLAS UPDATE: Enter the Walrus.

Posted on at 10:37 PM by Dr. Frank
Beep Boop Summoners!

Baha! I bet you weren't expecting this at all. I'm deeply sorry about the lack of updates to The Great Atlas, can't stress enough how busy I've been the past months. Mostly working on side projects for the site, revamping the design and aesthetics of the banners for posts, and a couple of other personal projects.

Good news and bad news folks.

Bad news is, updates may be slow for a couple of times while we settle down some really awesome stuff (Check the end of the post for more info), and thus, we will be updating the outdated cards through the next couple of days, so don't panic!

Good news is, there are still going to be updates in the mean time! I got some extra reinforcements this time. How? Ohoho, wrong question.

You should ask... Who...
Continue reading for an introduction newest member of the Great Atlas team, as well as new cards for Shen, Ahri, and Fiddlesticks!

Ladies and Yordles, I would like to introduce you none other than our newest and fanciest addition to the team.
Alrighty Chazzy! Your move! 
Thanks Doctor!

Greetings and salutations everyone! I am Professor Chazwick Ulysses Lawrence Fridays a.k.a. Chaz U. L. Fridays a.k.a. Prof. Fridays. In this abbreviated culture you are welcome to simply call me "Prof" if you must. I am a gentle walrus residing at the Yordle Academy of Science and Progress in Piltover as professor of philosophy of science and magic. I am very good childhood friends with the late Urf the Manatee, and while we have many differences between us, we always enjoyed each other's company and exploring what motivated each of us - I was always fascinated with his free spirit and ability to dream with a kind of optimism I could never quite grasp, while he was always interested in hearing about my academic research and the latest journal or book I read, and even though he could never fully understand (though I tried to explain as best I could), he always liked listening anyway. Dr. Frank and I became acquainted when one of my students was rushed to the Piltover Trauma Center and he happened to be the doctor looking after her. I had come to visit and review some of what she missed, but she was unconscious at the time, so I ended up chatting with Dr. Frank, as he was waiting on some test results anyway, and we found that we had a mutual interest in the League of Legends. I invited him to tea at my place, and the rest is history.

Anywho, I am sure you have seen me around in the comments section - I think it is a lot of fun engaging with you guys as a community, and I do not expect to change that moving forward into "staff-ship" here at Surrender@20. Ideally, I would like you all to be more involved in the Great Atlas and Paradigm Shift, because Paradigm Shift by its very nature is about discussion, and the Great Atlas is run almost entirely by Frank and myself, so naturally, there is room for error. This kind of created content and theorycrafting is grounded in you guys, because we would have nothing without your support. The Doc and I love doing this kind of thing, but without any kind of community backing, we would have no reason to create these Atlas cards, and our drive to do them would surely wane. I am making it my goal to respond to any and all of your comments, questions, concerns, and the like. Many thanks to all of you for your patience and support with regards to the Great Atlas and Paradigm Shift! I would not be here without that.

I recommend following me on Twitter @ProfFridays - I check it frequently, so you can "holla" at me with whatever quips you like, and I like to post fun and witty things of my own, so hopefully you will get a chuckle at my expense here and there, and I may give hints and updates about future content. Anything Great Atlas-related can be posted in the Disqus comments section - I am subscribed to the topic, so I will make sure to reply in a timely manner. For things related to Paradigm Shift or lengthy, urgent or private comments/questions/concerns/suggestions regarding the Great Atlas or any of my work, email me at proffridays@surrenderat20.net. I will be checking it often. Again, this is all because of you, as community members of this great site most of us "F5" religiously, so it would be more than a shame if you were not properly and promptly heard.

Special thanks to Dr. Frank and Rin the Yordle - Dr. Frank for his persistence and dedication to the Great Atlas and Surrender@20 despite his busy schedule and the many unforeseen obstacles he has faced in the past months that have made it extremely difficult for him to work on the Atlas, and being kind enough to allow me to join his ranks, and for all the amazing graphic design work he has done around the site, and Rin the Yordle for designing my fabulous avatar!

Moving on from introductory stuff, Dr. Frank and I are prepared to provide you regular additions to the Atlas at least every month, so no more waiting half a year for an update! Unfortunately, this is all volunteer-run, so please be patient with us if we are a bit late! Life has a way of getting its big ol' butt in the way, as Dr. Frank knows oh too well. Being on-call all the time at the Piltover Trauma Center is just asking for trouble! But, I digress.

You will notice that our Atlas cards are not exactly immaculate in their spelling and such, but we thought it best to get these out to you sooner than to wait another week or so to be perfectionists about everything, but rest assured my next task is to work on cleaning up the English of all the current Atlas entries, as well as the elements that are out of date due to recent patches (e.g. Malady/Runic Bulwark, Corki's Big One, Draven's passive, etc.). This should all be included in our next update!

But, to tide you over until then, here are three new Atlas cards, featuring two made by me (with, of course, help from the overseer of the Atlas "franchise", the Doctor himself) - Fiddlesticks and Shen, and one made solely by the illustrious Frank - Ahri! Fiddlesticks was my "pilot" to Dr. Frank, and then he wanted to do an Ionian theme, given the recent "Ionian Circuit", so I opted to do Shen (and another upcoming champion card) afterward. Here they are!
Ahri "The 9 Tailed Fox"
Fiddlesticks "The Harbinger of Doom"
Shen "The Eye of Twilight"
Welp, I think that is all I have for now, but feel free to ask questions or comment about the new cards and such in the comments below, and I will be sure to follow up with many of you! Also, feel free to suggest who you would like to see get an Atlas card by tweeting at me @ProfFridays!

Take it away, Dr. Frank!

Keep it classy!
-Prof. Fridays
Thanks Prof!

Either way fellow readers, we reach the end of this astonishing update, not without first leaving this here:

"OMG Really Doc?! You just pulled an update after an aeon. And now you want to go for another revamp?! Whats wrong with you?!"

Good point. But truth to be told, the actual Edition has lots of problems (Hah, still not as much as the 1st edition!), inconsistency being the biggest and the first one on the list, but there are other things quite obvious, such as, the problem with the bars being hard to understand, space constrains, outdated graphics, hard to read, etc. And some other problems, well, not so visible that impact us, Fridays and Me, directly, such as the templates having some unnecessarily heavy layers, making editing text painfully slow and sometimes unresponsive  and struggling with text and having sometimes to even cut it to make it fit also takes time and effort away. And MANY other stuff.
"Atlas card from the 1st Edition"
If you remember this your childhood was awesome. 
So, at the end, we had to revisit every card, and you know guys, now that I have Prof. Fridays as a partner in crime, we thought. "This is kinda a new beginning, why can't we take advantage now, fix all of those problems, make Atlas something even better and well, who knows what else?"

And here we are, for the next edition expect the unexpected, in terms of quality, overall design, and commitment to make constant updates. We will be simultaneously working to keep the current Edition alive until we're set to go with the 3rd Edition. 

I can't stress enough how lucky I feel to have such a wonderful and supporting audience, and I'm really glad to be back and ready to roll.

Roll to rule.

And spin to win.

Beep Boop summoners, and good night!
-Dr. Frank

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