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With the Lucian teaser out, the forums are ablaze with all sorts of questions about the upcoming champion - what is his role, what are his abilties, WHO IS HIS FREAKIN' NEMESIS!?.

While not spoiling too much, ZenonTheStoic , Lucian's designer, has been bouncing around the forums and revealing various tidbits on his first champion.
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To confirm on his name and title, ZenonTheStoic noted:
"Gun Templar was a working title. His final name and title are "Lucian, the Purifier". It'll all make sense, don't worry!"

When questioned about the early Lucian ( referring to him as Gun Templar ) images that leaked out a while ago, ZenonTheStoic replied:
[ Translated from German ] " We have no idea of how the leak happened :(, it is also important to remember that the concept has changed slightly since this drawing again, so I was particularly unhappy with the leak. He has raised expectations that are out of date"

As it is something that has bred a lot of speculation, ZenonTheStoic commented on a particular line in Lucian's teaser:
"Don't be thrown off by the "twice if I have to". The line refers to things that just won't stay dead, aka the denizens of the Shadow Isles, not to an in-game mechanic."
( Editor's Note: To be clear - I believe what he's saying is don't assume his nemesis is Yorick simply because of Yorick's ult - it can be any of the Shadow Isles baddies )

As for Lucian's intended role, he commented:
[ Translated from German ] "He will likely be played as ADC :)"

He was also kind enough to tease the first letter's of each of Lucian's abilities.
[ Translated from German ] "The kit we will reveal when Lucian goes on PBE. But since we Leaks like here, where the first letter of the skills (in English): 
Passive: L

Q: P

W: A

E: R

R: C "
ZenonTheStoic also noted that Lucian will have no form of CC.
[ Translated from German ]" Lucian has NO CC skills. Not even a Slow Nothing :D "

He also mentioned Lucian doesn't have a gap closer.
"If you read the full context of my posts, you'll see that I defined a gap closer as a movement ability that requires an enemy unit as a target. I said he doesn't have one of those"

Over on redditZenonTheStoic also briefly touched on his lore, which was written by Riot Runaan.
"Also his lore was written by the biggest Graves fan-girl in the office (the world perhaps?) so he definitely has a little bit of that outlaw attitude to him. 
I LOVE the text of the reveal. Runaan did such a great job :)"
As for special interactions, ZenonTheStoic mentioned he'll have them for his lore nemsis:
[ Translated from German ]"It has something to do with his nemesis"

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