New Match History Assets found on PBE

Posted on at 6:18 PM by Moobeat
Seems I missed something on one of the recent PBE update - a set of new Match history resources have popped up on the PBE. These assets mirror both the new League of Legends website & in game UI and have support for the upcoming replay system.
Continue reading for a better look!

Note: This stuff is NOT hooked up on the PBE, it has simply been taken from the files. It's not done and has some quirks / placeholder stuff. Let this serve as a tentative preview of something in the works, not an end all be all look.

Here's a look at the new match history page assets thrown together - new icons & graphics all around, space to display both team comps, and a play button to be used with the new replay system.

Couldn't get a good shot of it all together but there is also room for background images - I would assume being a washed out version of the champion you played.

These would be the tabs that fit into the left of the above images.

Credit goes to redditor Pabro for the discovery.

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