Update on Map Specific Balance Changes and IronStylus on Queen Sejuani

Posted on at 6:38 AM by Moobeat
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Continue reading for a brief status update on Map Specific balance changes for indivisual champions and IronStylus sharing this thoughts on the cancelled Queen Sejuani skin.

Map-specific balance changes for individual champions.
As you may have read earlier, Riot is planning to push map specific balance changes for specific champion in the near future. This means extremely powerful champions on Dominion and Twisted Treeline can be balanced without affecting them on Summoner's Rift.

Here is RiotNome offering up an update on the feature:
"Tech is done, which means the next step is working with our UX and user testing guys to figure out the best way to communicate changes to players. Once we get that done, we'll be ready to roll out the first set of changes."
He continued:
"Nothing with Summoner Spells right now. The first wave will be targeted solely at outliers. We'll evaluate those changes and figure out if we want to take it further afterwards."

IronStylus on Queen Sejuani
If you remember when Sejunai's relaunch first hit the PBE, there was an additional "Queen Sejuani" skin uncovered.

Here is what IronStylus had to say about the as of now scrapped skin:
"This was a potential skin for the old Sejuani and is therefore adapted to the old rig. The concept of this skin however inspired us to overhaul her and informed some of the new components of her VU.
As has been said though, the wolf looks a little... eh... yeah. Kevin Tuggle's in his newest iteration however was designed to not just be a straight up pig, but have the structure of something a little more ubiquitous so that we could reskin him into a variety of animals without too much added derp.

I do very much like this skin, but we've cannibalized a lot of it for her rework. However! Doesn't mean we can't make a badass wolf riding Sejuani in the future "

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