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Update: Final update with results and VoDs from Day 3. What a tourney!

Be sure to watch day three, Marc "Tryndamere" Merrill is teasing out: "Our new cinematic is sick - cant wait to show it tomorrow :)"

It's the moment we've all been waiting for! The five regional All-Star teams are facing off in Shanghai, China to earn glory and earn their respective region an extra spot in the end of season world championships.
Continue reading for an event overview, info on each team, schedules, and VODs once they become available!

WARNING:  Spoilers below
If you enjoy the thrill of the watching it unfold, here is the start of Day One, Day Two, and Day three

Before we get to far, here is a breakdown of this weekend's activities!
Ignore these times, as the site looks at my timezone ( EST ) to tell me when to watch them! You  can use this handy dandy site to figure out what time the action starts in your own time zone.
Schedule times in Pacific (EU Times in Central European Summer)
Day One
Na Schedule Graphic
  • 10pm  (07:00) Opening Ceremony
  • 10:30pm  (07:30) Skill Competitions Semis - 2 v 2, Jungle
  • 12am  (09:00) Match One, Game One
  • 1am    (10:00) Game Two
  • 2am    (11:00) Game Three
  • 3:30am  (12:30) Match Two, Game One
  • 4:30am    (13:30) Game Two
  • 5:30am    (14:30) Game Three

Day Two
EU Schedule Graphic
  • 10pm      (07:00) Ring Ceremony
  • 10:30pm  (07:30) Skill Competitions Semis - Top, Mid
  • 12am  (09:00) Match Three, Game One
  • 1am    (10:00) Game Two
  • 2am    (11:00) Game Three
  • 3:30am  (12:30) Match Four, Game One
  • 4:30am    (13:30) Game Two
  • 5:30am    (14:30) Game Three

Day Three
  • 7pm    (04:00) Skill Competition, All Finals
  • 8:30pm    (05:30) Match Five, Game One
  • 9:30pm  (06:30) Game Two
  • 10:30pm  (07:30) Game Three
  • 12am  (09:00) Match Six, Game One
  • 1am    (10:00) Game Two
  • 2am    (11:00) Game Three

Over these three days the regional all-stars teams will duke it out in a best of three match and  In addition to the All-Stars matches, there will also be a series of All-Star skills competitions between games!
"League of Legends is a team game played by individuals. For the first time, the All-Star Event features a showdown between players of the game's five primary roles. With a custom map and victory conditions for both 1v1 and 2v2 duels, the All-Star Skills Competition ratchets up the tension and delivers the drama."

Each of these skill competitions will be a best of one and will be decided by the first player to kill 100 minions, destroy the enemy turret, or score first blood. Each game will also be streamed in a multitude of Languages - English, Korean, French, Russian, Turkish, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Vietnamese, and Thai!

The Teams

The NA All-Stars team consists of Xpecial on Support, Doublelift as AD Carry, Dyrus as top lane, Scarra as mid lane, and Saintvicious as jungle. Check out this post for more information.

The EU All-Stars team consists of EDward on Support, Yellowpete as AD Carry, sOAZ as top lane, Alex Ich as mid lane, and Diamondprox  as jungle. Check out this post for more information.

The China's All-Stars team consists of  XiaoXiao on Support, WeXiao as AD Carry, PDD as top lane, Misaya as mid lane, and Troll as jungle. Check out this post for more information.

The Garena All-Stars team consists of MiSTaKE on Support, Chawy as AD Carry, Stanley as top lane, Toyz as mid lane, and  HaRleLuYaR as jungle. Check out this post for more information.

The Korean All-Stars team consists of MadLife on Support, PraY as AD Carry, Shy as top lane, Ambition as mid lane, and inSec  as jungle. Check out this post for more information.

The Prize

Here is what is at stake for these All-Stars teams this weekend:
"Winning the All-Star Tournament earns the victorious region an additional spot at the season-ending World Championship, increasing their odds to take home grand prize money and the Summoner's Cup. The top four teams at the All-Star Tournament claim a bye and seeding into the elimination rounds at the World Championship; the last place region loses that bye and teams reaching the World Championship from that region will slug it out in the group stages."

The Action

Day One

Opening Ceremony: VoD
2v2 Skill Competitions: VoD1 (Doublelift/Xpecial vs Chawy/MiSTakE) , VoD2 (PraY/Madlife vs WeiXiao/XiaoXiao )
Jungler Skill Competitions: VoD1 ( Saintvicious vs InSec ), VoD2 ( Diamond vs Troll )

( L 0-2 ) North America LCS Team VS China LPL Team ( W 2-0 )
Friday 5/24 - 12 AM PST / 9 CEST
Stream :  English ( Twitch - Youtube - Azubu ) / KR FR RU TR PT ES Polish VN Thai
VOD: Game 1 / Game 2

( L 0-2 ) Europe LCS Team VS Korea Champions Team ( W 2-0 )
Friday 5/24 - 3:30 AM PST / 12:30 CEST
Stream :  English ( Twitch - Youtube - Azubu ) / KR FR RU TR PT ES Polish VN Thai
VOD: Game 1 / Game 2
Updated Bracket from the end of Day One

Day Two

TPA, S2 Champs, Ring Ceremony: VoD 1
Top Lane Skill Competition: VoD1 ( PDD vs sOAZ ), VoD2 ( Stanley vs Shy )
Mid Lane Skill Competition: VoD1 ( Toyz vs Ambition ). VoD2 ( Misaya vs Alex Ich )

( W ) NA LCS All-Stars vs EU LCS All-Stars ( L )
Saturday 5/25 12 AM PST / 9 CEST 
Stream :  English ( Twitch - Youtube - Azubu ) / KR FR RU TR PT ES Polish VN Thai
VOD Game 1 / Game 2

(  L ) Garena Team vs Chinese LPL All-Stars ( W )
Saturday 5/25 3:30 AM PST / 12:30 CEST
Stream :  English ( Twitch - Youtube - Azubu ) / KR FR RU TR PT ES Polish VN Thai
VOD : Game 1 / Game 2

Updated Bracket after the Day two games!

Day Three

Skill Competition Finals
2v2 : VoD ( Doublelift / Xpecial vs PraY/Madlife )
Jungle: VoD ( Diamond vs InSec )
Top: VoD ( sOAZ vs Shy )
Mid: VoD ( Misaya vs Toyz )

( W ) Korea Champions Team vs NA LCS All-Stars ( L )
Saturday 5/25 8:30PM PST / 5:30 CEST
Stream :  English ( Twitch - Youtube - Azubu ) / KR FR RU TR PT ES Polish VN Thai
VOD: Game 1, Game 2

( L ) Chinese LPL All-Stars vs Korea Champions Team ( W )
Sunday 5/26 12 AM PST / 9 CEST
Stream :  English ( Twitch - Youtube - Azubu ) / KR FR RU TR PT ES Polish VN Thai
VOD: Game 1, Game 2

Here is your final, completed bracket.

Zed, Cassiopeia, and Karma disabled for tourney

Here is RiotNickAllen with an update on the Zed bugs from day one: 
"Hey everyone, 
We wanted to give you an update of where we're at regarding the Zed bug in yesterday's All-Star Game between North America LCS and China's LPL. 
Since the issue was spotted, our teams here in Shanghai and back home at Riot HQ have been working to confirm the issue. We're taking this seriously, as the results have direct implications on the World Playoffs, and the last thing we want to do is to make an uninformed decision. 
In my previous post, I wrote: "we've decided the bug did not contribute to the LPL team's victory." To further clarify, we agree with many of you that this issue did of course contribute to the LPL team's victory, however, we do not believe that this contribution was substantial enough to decide the outcome of the match. 
Based on our investigations, we're confident that we've identified the cause of the bug and we're taking action to prevent the issue from arising again. 
Because we've identified additional edge cases related to Karma and Cassiopeia, we'll be making Zed, Karma, and Cassiopeia unavailable for play for the remainder of the weekend. We're disappointed that we won't get to see these champs in action, but in the interest of preserving the integrity of the competition, we'll have to restrict their use. 
Thanks to all of you for your deep concern on this issue, and thank you for your willingness to speak up. We are moved to see fans advocating so passionately for the players we all love to watch. We hope that you will enjoy the remainder of All-Star Weekend."
Be sure to head on over to lolesports.com's All-Star event hub for more information and Riot's up to date coverage.

Highlights / Premieres : 

In case you missed the stream premier of the fan made Stick Figure Spotlight 3, here is an encore presentation!

How about that Doublelift, ADC for NA All-stars Penta D2 G2?

If those aren't you think, how about his new League of Legends cinematic!?

Click here for more information on the "A Twist of Fate" cinematic


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