5/24 PBE Patch: Aatrox Ability Changes

Posted on at 2:33 PM by Unknown
Just an itty bitty mini patch for some minor tooltip rewording and more tentative Aatrox changes.
Continue reading for details on Aatrox's PBE ability changes!

( Warning: PBE content is tentative and iterative! What you see below is subject to change and might not be representative of the final changes that will be pushed to live. )

Balance Changes
New Changes
( Changes that are new, relative to live servers )

  • Blood Well (Passive) - heal duration now for 3 seconds (down from 4)

  • Blades of Torment (E) 
    • now has a 0.6 AD ratio (increased from 0.4)
    • range increased to 1000 (increased from 900)
  • Massacre (R) 
    • now deals 200/300/400 (+1.0 AP) magic damage to all enemy champions around him (previously dealt damage based on 15% + 0.01 AP of target's maximum health)

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