Statikk talks recent Zed PBE Changes

Posted on at 9:26 AM by Moobeat
As you may have seen, Zed has received a few changes on the PBE. Most notable is that his Shadow Slash no longer reduces Living Shadow's cooldown when striking minions but now reduces it by double the amount when striking champions.
Continue reading for a nice big helping of context, from Statikk, regarding the tentative changes to the Master of Shadows.

Here is Statikk showcasing the TENTATIVE changes and giving some context on why they are being made.
"Note: These current notes are tenative and may be changed or removed from the next patch. 
Living Shadow
- Cooldown reduced to 18/17/16/15/14 seconds from 22/20.5/19/17.5/16 
Shadow Slash
- Hitting enemy minions and monsters no longer reduce Living Shadow's cooldown
- Hitting enemy champions now reduces Living Shadow's cooldown by 2 seconds, up from 1 second 
These Zed changes are aimed towards 2 goals: 
1) Reducing his lane safety
Currently, Zed has little need to actually manage Living Shadow's cooldown due to the interactions with lane minions. Zed's that get ahead are able to push and harass with impunity since in these situations Zed's Living Shadow has a fairly negligible cooldown.
This is not intended as Zed is by design a high risk, high skill cap, high reward type of champion. 
Zed's Living Shadow, especially early on in the game, should be something both him and his lane opponent need to keep track of. When Living Shadow is down, Zed's lane opponent should be able to take advantage of this window of vulnerability to punish him and Zed should have to play defensively until it comes back up. 
2) Allowing Zed to actually achieve Living Shadow resets in team fights
With Shadow Slash's increase to cooldown reduction upon hitting champions and the base cooldown of Living Shadow being reduced, Zed actually has a legitimate shot at very quickly resetting his Living Shadow cooldown in actual team fights depending on the situation and his execution. Zed can now potentially open up fights with Living Shadow, land 2-3 solid Shadow Slashes, and have Living Shadow back up in order to exit the fray or continue chasing down his targets.
Like stated above, all of the changes are tenative as of now, but I just wanted to give you guys some insight into the thought process here."

He followed up by clarifying that the Shadow Slash change is for EACh champion hit.
"It is for EACH champion you hit. So yes, if you ever hit 5 champions, it would reduce the cooldown by 10 seconds."

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