Russian Server now Available!

Posted on at 9:48 AM by Moobeat
Riot has officially launched their Russian servers and transfers from EUW and EUNE to the new server are now up!
"A new League of Legends platform for players from Russia and CIS countries is now up and running. 
We’re bringing the authentic League of Legends experience to Russia and CIS. Live in the region? We’d like to welcome you to the new server, so head over to the website to find out more about the new platform, free transfers, events and local promotions. 
Добро пожаловать!'

Furthermore, ThorSerpent shared
  • The only language that is supported on the new server is Russian;
  • Transfer to CIS / Russian server is free at the moment, but transfer back is not;
  • Player Support won't be able to reverse any transfers to CIS / RU server, including any accidental ones.
For those wondering, summoners who transfer to the Russian server will also receive VolibearNorthern Storm VolibearCaitlyn, and Arctic Warfare Caitlyn for free.

For more information, visit the newly release Welcome to the Russian servers FAQ or just browse around the new Russian forums. Я желаю вам удачи!

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