Morello reboots @Morello thread - Lots of red posts!

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Morello has revived his old "@Morello" thread over on the general forums and has returned to asking a smattering of summoner questions.
Continue reading for a barrage of posts regarding champion balance, cast times, North King Darius, and more!

All the posts below come from the @Morello thread.  I've tried to group the like minded discussion as best as possible.

Champion Specific Stuff

When asked if Heimerdinger is up for a rework, he unsurprisingly replied:
"He is!"
Similarly, someone questioned if Poppy was up for either a visual update or a rework. Morello replied:
"Eventually. After Heimer, my prediction is Poppy is the "new Eve.""

Shifting to the balance side of things, he commented on the current state of Talon, an AD assassain largely felt to be obsolete in the face of Zed and Kha'Zix.
"We're taking a look. Not sure on the diagnosis the guys have on this yet though."

Next we come to talk about potential Ashe changes, which Morello commented:
"We are looking at her passive. I don't think I want to see much else, though."

Then he spoke a bit about Twisted Fate, revealing no real plans for changes.
"Not really - he still gets some high-level play, but is more specific in his use. I think that's a good place for him."

Sharing his opinion on Ziggs and Skarner, Morello noted:
"Ziggs, I think, has fantastic laning and little reason to be on a team late-game. I'd like to look at the second half of that.

Skarner represents a fighter with a lack of good counter-play. I want to fix that comprehensively before buffing."

Jumping over to Sivir, one summoner asked if there is any potential to remove the cast time for Sivir's ult. Morello responded:
"Had that conversation today, in fact. We're considering it."

Finally, he remarked that Warwick has not been forgotten.
"WW does need help - we're investigating what direction to go."

When asked if major content patches, like the upcoming Freljord, will be the new standard , he responded:
"No, most patches will not, but we like these types of events!"

On distinct advantage blue side has over purple side on Summoners rift is blue sides ability to have their bot line kill the golem camp before going into lane. When asked if it had he had ever thought of negating this advantage by having them spawn 5 to 10 second later than the rest of the jungle camps, Morello responded:
"I do. We're experimenting on what that would mean if we did that."

When questioned about cast times, that is the standard "I stop moving to use this ability" time, and why we don't ever hear designers talk about fiddling with them, Morello commented:
"It's actually designed that all cast times are static unless otherwise dictated (.25 second casts). Ones that are not that are mini-channels or have gameplay reasons, like Karthus ult or Caitlyn Q. 
It's not a stat because it doesn't vary as wildly as it does in DotA - it's part of what makes our combat snappy and responsive."

When asked if there is potential for a whip wielding champion to join the League of Legends, Morello replied:
"Not right now, but I do think we will visit this at somepoint."

Concerning the recent RP skin price changes, Morello replied to a question asking if the lower price tiers mean we'll see more skins this year than we did last year:
"I -think- it will allow for more skins as we don't have to throw the kitchen sink at every skin now, but I'd have to check with the skins dudes specifically to be sure.

It's a bit of black magic how we prioritize. We try to balance it out, but with things like events and differing difficulties/timelines on skins, this is really complex."

The topic of Norse King Darius, an unreleased skin first seen in the PBE files around the time of Darius's launch, also popped up, fishing out the response:
"Being made, though we had a lot of work to clean up on it. You will get it, but it's actively being worked on currently."

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