Zac Champion Spotlight

Posted on at 7:26 PM by Moobeat
The Zac champion spotlight is up and flubbin' around! Check it out for a crash course on how to play The Secret Weapon!

"Learn to punish your opponents with an elastic beatdown in this episode of the Champion Spotlight, where we showcase Zac's high-speed jungle potential. 
Zac quickly tears through monster camps using a combination of high-sustain mechanics and potent area damage. With a little setup, Zac also has some of the longest range initiation potential to date, enabling a variety of particularly devious ganks. Add in a powerful AoE ultimate and you've got one boisterous blob that's ready to lead the charge on the Fields of Justice. 
Find out more about this amorphous combatant with tips, tricks, sample mastery builds and more in the Zac Champion Spotlight."

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