S@20 visits PAX East 2013!

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As you may have been heard, Seranaya, Nurse Flan, and myself ( Moobeat! ) attended PAX East 2013 last weekend. We had an absolute blast and would now like to share the site's first event experience with you guys!
Continue reading for a brief run down of what happened at the event and tons of PICTURES!

These were in the PAX EAST Swag bags. There is one for each role!

The League of Legends Booth

Role Stations
One of the bigger draws to the League of Legends booths were the role stations. Each station ( Jungle, Mid, Top, ADC, and Support ) came equipped with a Rioter handing out lanyards for their corresponding roles. To earn one, you had to go up and either answer a question, so a silly impression, or whatever else that particular Rioter could think up off the top of their head.
I swear I had all five but I could only find these 3 upon unpacking.
IRL Honor Initiative
One of the other swaggy items Riot handed out were these little IRL Honor badges. The idea behind each pack of two is that you swipe one for yourself and find another, honorable PAX goer and award them with your second badge. Neat idea.

Art Q&A and Sunbathing Leona

Each day also featured a pretty chill question and answer session with Riot TeaTimeIronStylus, and ohmikegoodness. Fans asked all sorts of questions ranging from "omg ohmikegoodness why are you so obssessed with Riven" and "LEAK SKINS?" to questions about the art industry and how each of them came about their current jobs.

While talking they also worked out a concept art for a Sunbathing Leona skin. IronStylus started by doing the rough sketch and Riot TeaTime stepped in to color 'er up and add in some detail.

More information on this skin concept and what they plan to do with it available here.

Collegiate Games

The start of  each day also featured several collegiate league teams battling it out for some sort of competition. Only caught a few of these games.

Fan Site Meet Up

A few days prior to the event, Riot invited a few of the fan sites to a small meet and greet with an assortment of Rioters from various disciplines.

I spent a good deal of time chatting with BelligerentSwan about and to Krylhos about websites work.FeralPonyohmikegoodness, and a ton of other Rioters were all running around though. We even asked them a few questions! It was really refreshing to just sit down and chat with all of them and see just how passionate each and every one is about the game and the community.

(Flan: Just want to say, the guy at the bottom left of the picture to the left is one of the people that made Sakura Karma's dress a reality!)

Player Behavior Panel

 ( I REALLY wish I could find a video but I haven't been able to! If you happen to have one let me know!! )

Saturday played host to an ~hour long panel on player behavior, hosted by LyteStatuskwohFruitstrikedavin. The panel covered several player behavior topics, including the shift towards reinforcing positive behavior, the Tribunal system, the new chat restriction feature, how to improve champion select, and more.

Also discussed were Riot's five pillars ( think goals ) of Player Behavior :
1) Shield players from toxic behavior
2) Reform or remove toxic players
3) Create a culture of sportsmanship
4) Reinforce positive behavior
5) Create better match chemistry. 

The over all talk was pretty short and was followed by tons of summoner questions. I'd wager nearly 90% of these were questions addressed or covered on the forum multiple times. Pays to read up on your red posts!

 League of Legends Pub Crawl

Saturday night was perhaps the most memorable event - THE PUB CRAWL!

 The event featured ten bars, nine associated with various champions and one nexus. The idea was you get toasted at the bar representing your favorite champion then everyone converges at the Nexus for a free show by the Yordles.

We hung around Lulu for a while. Ran into a several S@20 fans there and chatted up a bunch of summoners there. I must admit it was strange and refreshing to swap stories about your favorite champs and solo queue woes while swigging down drinks. Speaking of drinks, I had a ton of bourbon while I was here. Bourbon is good.

After deciding the line at the Nexus was WAY too long, we headed over to Ashe for the rest of the night. I met a bunch of cool Rioters there too, including RiotMartlet, Fruitstrike ( he really likes ice cream ) and RiotRomulus. I think I stole one of Ezreal's drinks at some point and I definitely danced with both Morello and RiotRomulus although I haven't yet decided which one had the better moves.

There are doubles of some of the photos from above in here. Sorry for the quality, we pretty much only had our phones which did not mix well with excited and shaky hands!

**NOTE** If you are one of the many that snapped pics with us during the event, feel free to share them in the comments! We'd love to see them.

Truly, truly outrageous.

FeralPony Falcon Punch! (FPFP)

PS: As far as I'm concerned, S@20 will be attending PAX Prime later this year - Hope to see you there!

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