03/20 PBE Update - Sakura Karma and her Particles, and Zac Ability Tweak

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There was a massive outcry after we saw Sakura Karma's kimono changed - but now it's back! Not only that, the particles on her Q (Inner Flame) are now working, plus her E got a minor tooltip change.
Continue reading to find out more details on Karma's fixes and changes, Zac's (E) Elastic Slingshot, and more!

Balance Changes

Rengar's E
  • A changed file name for his Bola Strike popped up, but it seems to be nothing we can actually judge. No actual changes to report. 

Zac's (E) Elastic Slingshot
  • The tooltip will now show his charge-up time is over 0.9/1/1.1/1.2/1.3 seconds relative to ranking the skill up. This is because the max distance he can travel increases per rank, therefore taking more time to charge.

Karma's Kimono!
The Kimono gods have heard us! Karma classes it up with an actual kimono for her Sakura skin! I don't know about you all, but I think this looks so much better! Ququroon talks a little more about this on the forum, and mentions the awesome Rioters that made her kimono a reality!
"So as GrumpyMonkey, IronStylus and ohmikegoodness have explained, we had a few technical issues with Sakura Karma. Karma’s new animation set was rather pronounced, which meant a full dress was impractical. You’ve let us know how you felt about this, and there has been a bit of silence on our end. We didn’t want to say we could fix it if we couldn’t. 
But we heard you, loud and clear. We agreed, she should be closer to her original Sakura concept. So XRayAlpha and JesterCapp busted their asses and made time to make this a reality. They, and us as a team, felt like there were more things we could do to make this work.

I feel like they totally nailed it out of the park."

Love the sakura prints at the bottom!

Comparison between Old ( left ) and New ( right )

Karma Tooltip Changes and Particles

Karma's Q, her Inner Flame, now has a 25% slow at all levels instead of the 15/20/25/30/35 as you rank it up.

The Mantra'd version of Karma's Q now has particles! So shiny.

Karma's W, Focused Resolve, had a minor tooltip fix. Instead of showing the old "Spirit Link" ability, it now properly lists "Focused Resolve."

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