New Champion and Skin Sale 3/22 - 3/25

Posted on at 10:35 AM by Unknown
new champion and skin sale starts tomorrow! Between March 22th and March 25th, you can pick up Ezreal for 440 RP, Darius for 487 RP, Janna for 292 RP, Battle Regalia Poppy for 487 RP, Outback Renekton  for 487 RP, and Tempest Janna for 260 RP.

Continue reading for video previews of the discounted skins

Battle Regalia Poppy
487 RP

Tempest Janna

260 RP

Outback Renekton
487 RP

As for our Atlas cards, we have Ezreal available! Rest assured, we are in the process of creating more cards for each of the Champions.

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