PAX East Skin Code Giveaway! [ CLOSED ]

Posted on at 6:00 AM by Moobeat
This contest is CLOSED. Thanks for entering and be sure to check your Direct messages ( Twitter ) , email, and FB messages to see if you won.

As you guys may have heard, Moobeat, Seranaya, and Nurse Flan are spending the weekend enjoying all PAX East 2013 has to offer. We didn't forget about you guys though and thanks to some extremely awesome Rioters, we have a ton of Full Metal Rammus and Riot Graves skin codes to give away!
Continue reading to see how you can score a sweet new skin!

Alright so we have 30 Full Metal Rammus and 30 Riot Graves skin codes to giveaway to you guys!

To enter to win simply COMMENT below saying EITHER "Contest Entry: Riot Graves" OR "Contest Entry: Full Metal Rammus".

* IMPORTANT * : Riot's skin codes are now time sensitive. These skin codes expire on the 29th of March. The contest ends on the 25th and we will send you the code by the 26th. This means you only have a few days to redeem it before it expires so be sure be on the look out for a notification that you won. If you win you will be contacted via Twitter, Facebook, or email ( based on what you used when signing up for DISQUS, the service we use for comments ). MAKE SURE YOU CHECK YOUR STUFF SO YOU CAN GET YOUR CODE BEFORE IT EXPIRES! 

P.S: We'll also be tweeting out and facebook posting codes at random times over the new couple of days so be on the look out for those too!

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