Chit Chatting with Riot!

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The S@20 team had an amazing opportunity this evening at Pax East 2013 to ask Rioters like Morello, Ezreal, Romulus, IronStylus, and more (especially one of the Rioters that made Karma's dress a reality!) some questions about the game! Consider it your mini inside-scoop on some League of Legends details :]

One question that @SJTsauce wanted us to ask was: "Any potential AP mids for the Community to get excited about?"
  • Morello said that it may or may not be the one coming after Zac.

Another question that @mendozalawncare wanted to be asked was, "Do you like flan?"
  • Ezreal said that the answer would be "Yes" if we can call it crème brûlée instead!

Our Community Favorite, @RiotGradius asked if he could go to Pax East in their place.
  • The unfortunate answer is a "Nuh uh!" Maybe we can catch you at Pax Prime, yes? :D

A question about Ashe came from @tbskyen, and he asked, "Anything nice in the works for Ashe in terms of a Legendary skin, rework whatever else?"
  • As far as Ashe goes, the thought of reworking her passive sounds interesting - but there are no plans as of yet to change anything.
Our in-game chat channel resident, @SpecreSlyd had two questions that he was curious about. The first question was, "Any Sejuani kit rework around the corner?"
  • Morello said that there are no plans to remake her kit, but there is a planned Visual Update! They are basically making her look more like the boar-riding warrior princess of the Frejord. But do not fret, players who love how Sejuani looks right now! Like what they're doing with Karma, people who already own Sejuani will receive a "Traditional Sejuani" skin in all her old boar-riding bikini goodness!
( Side note for context on kit changes, Meddler posted a few days ago saying they will be lighter sort of changes and not as thorough as, for example, Karma. )

The second question was that if there would be "any future plans for the Achievements tab?"
  • The simple answer is, "Yes, there is." :]

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