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Posted on at 12:15 PM by Moobeat
Let's face the facts, we love you guys. S@20 just wouldn't be the same without you - our awesome fans! We were thinking we'd like to get to know you all a little better, as well as let you get to know us a little better. To facilitate this, we are going to be starting a weekly segment called ASK S@20.
Here's how it's going to work:

Each week we are going to be asking you guys a League of Legends related question. After you've had enough time to think about and submit your answer, we'll release a video with personal responses from the staff as well as a handful of our favorite fan answers!

Additionally, we'll reserve the a small section at the end of each video to answer any questions you might have for the S@20 staff! These can be anything from fan mails or suggestions for the site to questions about ourselves and our personal League of Legends opinions - think of it as an extended AMA ( Ask Me Anything )! If you are looking for an answer from a specific staff member, be sure to include who in your question or we'll just pick one of us to answer.

Since this is the first week, we are simply going to ask our question and start the actual video series next week.

This week's question is :
"What was your favorite champion released in 2012 and why?".

( If you need help remembering what, you can click here and sort the list by dates. )

Just so we're clear, an example answer might be something like "I really enjoyed the release of Ziggs! I love to blow things up in real life so it's just a perfect fit!" Please try to be genuine and give us a personal response, not just something boring like "i luv syndra cuz boobs".

Remember to include your summoner name and server when you submit your weekly question answer or your question for the staff! Each week we'll be picking our favorite responses to include in the video and we want to make sure to include whoever submitted it!

To submit your answer/ staff question, you have two options :

Be on the look out for the first Ask S@20 video next week, complete with the staff's favorite 2012 champions, your answers, and more!

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