Starting off as a Facebook group for Moobeat to spread inane amounts of League of Legends news among his friends, Surrender at 20 began it's descent into the realm of League of Legends news in late February of 2011. To the surprise of Moobeat, his little news blog continued to grow and grow...

S@20 picked up a lot of steam after FrostyNinja's complete site makeover in early August 2012. The site was relaunched with new features, better navigation, and a renewed dedication to all things League of Legends. It was also around this time Seranaya joined the crew and began supplementing S@20 s content with eSports coverage.

In early January of 2013, we brought Dr. Frank and Sr. Grimm on board. With them came two new original content projects - Paradigm Shift and The Great Atlas. After the initial launch, Nurse Flan was recruited to aid the strange duo in their future exploits.

Aznbeat was around from the beginning, but just recently began helping more with administrative duties (like helping to update this page!).

Since then we have added UliGlyceroll, woops, Prof. Fridays and Lynléire to the team!

Today, S@20 is focused on bringing you accurate, timely, and sourced information for all things League of Legends. Thanks to our loyal fan base, we have grown into one of the largest independent League of Legend's news sites and we are thankful for everything you guys have done for us.

We strive to bring you the Teemo-est ( read as:  Best ) news experience we can!

Furthermore, we'd like to all introduce ourselves! Not every staff member stands in the spotlight by authoring posts, some lurk in the shadows of coding, editing, and cheerleading!

TEAM S@20:

Main contributor / Head Honcho
IGN: ( NA / EU ) Moobeat
Twitter: @Moobeat
Stream: Twitch.tv

Resident website extraordinaire
IGN: ( NA ) fr0styninja  ( EUW ) frostyninja
Twitter:  @Fr0styNinja
Youtube: FrostyNinja

Admiral Chief of Skin Spotlights
IGN: ( NA ) Uli1 ( EUW ) Uli1
Twitter: @Skinspotlights
Youtube: SkinSpotlights

Highly Grunt
IGN: ( NA ) woops
Twitter:  @CptWoops
Stream: Twitch

Administrative Assistant (feeds Moobeat)
IGN: ( NA ) Aznbeat
Twitter: @aznbeat

Prof. Fridays
IGN: ( NA ) chazual fridays
Twitter: @ProfFridays

eSports Correspondent (loves rainbows)
IGN: ( NA ) Glyceroll
Twitter: @Glyceroll
Stream: Twitch

Defender of the Realm (Comment Section)
IGN: ( EUW ) Lynléire
Twitter: @Lynleire

These members have moved on, but are still part of the S@20 Family!

Public Relations/Community Coordinator.
IGN: ( NA / EU ) Seranaya
Twitter: @SeranayaLoL
Stream: Twitch.tv
Email: Seranaya@surrenderat20.net

Riot Nurse Flan
Special Projects Editor / Tournament Organizer
Flan has become a Rioter now, we are amazingly proud of her!
IGN: ( NA ) RiotNurseFlan
Twitter: @RiotNurseFlan
Email: NurseFlan@surrenderat20.net

Dr. Frank
Robotic Special Projects 
IGN: ( NA ) Dr Frank 
Twitter: @ciscogabriel


  1. Thank you guys for this amazing site! It has been so beneficial to me in so many ways and I am appreciate you hard work. :D

  2. yup, its great that I found this website. I was able to quickly access LOL news faster, rather than browsing through LOL forums for the red posts . Thank you S@20 guys :)