Grumpy Monkey talks more about the Trundle Relaunch

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As you likely read yesterday, Trundle is getting a cool new look. His relaunch will reimagine him as an ice troll and place him into the Freljordian conflicts that have been brewing lately, leaving quite different from the troll we've grown to "love" and "like to look at" since release.
Continue reading for a few red posts where Grumpy Monkey addresses some players concerns about the upcoming relaunch.

Grumpy Monkey started things off by encouraging people to reserve judgement until they see the updated in his full glory, rather than just by looking at the .gif of him bustin' a move.
"Lots of kind words in this thread, thank you. There are also a lot of concerned voices, I get that, we changed some stuff. I would only ask you guys that you reserve judgment untill you see him running around on pbe, and until more info is revealed. His new animations are among the best in the game imo. More updates and more art to come. You guys are awesome."

As far as when we'll be able to play around with the updated Trundle, Grumpy Monkey replied
"As soon as there are no game breaking bugs, and when his particle work and vfx are in a suitable state."

While responding to someone concerned about the goofy look on Trundles face, Grumpy Monkey also assured us Trundle still runs "on all threes":
"Let me clear that up, in that .gif he is doing the "troll dance" in the animations the animators distorted his face for comic effect. I assure you he doesnt look like that when he is running around (on all threes, yes he still has the trundle run ) bashing dudes with his club."

Just to hammer his intial request home, he reminded us again that there is much more Trundle goodness to come:
"I have read your opinions, and thanks for the input, its a good gut check for us when guys like you post your thoughts. As for those with contrary opinions and concerns, Ill say what I said in my first post , wait untill you have all the facts and context so you can have a more well informed opinion. There is much more art and lore to be revealed."

Grumpy Monkey also clarified a little on visual updates, relaunches, and reworks by saying:
"So this is something we addressed with Karma's relaunch and maybe we ca do better job messaging this, but there are different tiers of reworks. 
There are visual upgrades like nidalee, soraka, Annie, where only art assets are changed. 
Then there are reworks like twisted fate where we change the look and the lore, but gameplay is largely unaffected.

Then there are relaunches, where the character can be evolved from all aspects, lore gameplay and art. Karma was our first. Trundle is qualifying as a relaunch since his new base is different enough from his old base to warrant the "traditional" skin."

Another summoner questioned whether Junkyard and Lil Slugger Trundle will be updated and if so will they reflect his new icey personality. Grumpy Monkey replied:
"We Allways update the skins.
And probably. I dont know the final names. You will have to wait for the final reveal for that info."

What do you guys think? Are you excited for this frosty new look or are you grasping desperately to the "charm" of the current Trundle?

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