03/25 PBE UPDATE - SF Zac Splash and Karma W changes

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Beep boop sumonners!

The PBE has been updated with all sorts of fancy new things!
Keep reading for more info about Karma's updates this patch, Special Weapon Zac's splash art, and more!

( Remember! PBE content is  tentative and subject to change! )

Special Weapon Zac Splash
Notably, this patch contains the splash art for Zac's release skin - Special Weapon Zac!
Surely looks angry!

Karma Updates and "Patch Notes"
 Ququroon: has been gracious enough to provide us with a set of patch notes for specific Karma update related changes to come in this PBE patch.

"In THIS Patch:
Ququroon's Avatar
Associate QA Analyst - Gameplay
•All of this stuff should be in now! (store images, splashes, icons, tooltips) (This excludes videos)
•Playing As tips should be final (playing against to come)
•Fixed a minor typo. (Super high priority fix, imo.)
•Karma's W2 now heals for 20% of her Missing Health, with .01 ratio (1% per 100 AP).
•Traditional's Mantle is now correctly sized
•Sakura's shoes have been made much less bright
•Karma's mantle should no longer stretch on death
•The misaligned autoattack should be fixed
•Mantra'd Inner Flame's detonation should now be correctly aligned
•Mantra'd Inspire is no longer playing the shield twice on self-cast
•Gathering Fire now has a particle for when it refreshes her CD
•Mantra'd Focused Resolve now has a particle indicating the heal
•Traditional's laugh should now be more in sync
•Traditional's voice should now be louder
In the following PBE Patch:
•Fixed an issue that caused Karma's chest to be misaligned"

Scarizard also posted to give additional insight into the Karma W change mentioned above.
"Hey dudes, so this patch of PBE has a pretty significant change to Karma's Mantra'd W:
Scarizard's Avatar
Associate Live Designer

Renewal now heals for 20% of Karma's Missing Health (+1% per 100AP)
We're hoping for this change to clarify the use-case of W vs the other empowered abilities. These number's aren't final (even post-release, we'll be watching and tuning Karma) but thought that this would help to explain when you're supposed to use it.

W2 is already great in trades/duels, especially in the laning phase, and by making it scale naturally with the amount of damage you've taken during an engagement sets the spell up to be a powerful 1v1 reversal mechanism - but also gives you enough life up-front in those ticks to survive long enough to connect with the root and continue kiting, whereas before without enough AP to make the per-tick heal viable you'd often kill yourself attempting to see it through. Let me know what y'all think!"

Balance Changes

  • See above for details on the change to her Mantra'd W.
Udyr ( All Changes to Previous Changes )
  • Tiger Stance ( Q ) mana cost adjusted to 47/44/41/38/35 from 50/46/42/38/34
  • Tiger Stance ( Q ) now deals magic damage again, rather then physical damage.
  • Turtle Stance ( W ) mana cost adjusted to 47/44/41/38/35 from 50/46/42/38/34
  • Bear Stance ( E ) mana cost adjusted to 47/44/41/38/35 from 50/46/42/38/34
  • Bear Stance ( E ) now properly lists that it ignores unit collision.
  • Phoenix Stance ( R ) mana cost adjusted to 47/44/41/38/35 from 50/46/42/38/34

Miss out on some of the action this PBE patch cycle?

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