Tweaks to the Honor Initiative

Posted on at 11:50 AM by Moobeat
Lyte has posted an update on the Honor Initiative. The numbers required to earn the Honorable Opponent Crest is going up and the requirements for the other three crests are going down!
"When we launched the Honor Initiative we saw an immediate drop in reports. We’re happy with the results to date, and want to talk about some changes we’ve made that affect the way players earn crests. Before we get into these, we’d like to share some pretty interesting stats that helped influence our decisions:
  • 73% of Honor is awarded to players you’ve never played with before
  • Currently, about 1% of players have unlocked the Great Teamwork, Leader or Mentor crests, and 16% of players have unlocked the Honorable Opponent crest
  • There’s a 71% chance that a game will be positive if you meet a player who’s unlocked the Great Teammate crest and an 80% chance if they’ve unlocked the Great Leader crest

Based on these observations, we believe it’s a bit too difficult to earn a “Great” crest and too easy to earn Honorable Opponent. Although players who earn Honorable Opponent are generally more positive than those without crests, the numbers suggest that they haven’t been as positively impactful as those players with the other crests. With that in mind, we’ve made a few changes to the Honor Initiative:
  • We’ve reduced the threshold for unlocking the Great Teamwork, Leader and Mentor crests, making them slightly easier to obtain
  • Some players will be granted new crests, since they’ll now qualify under the new criteria
  • We’ve increased the threshold required to unlock the Honorable Opponent crest, making it more difficult to obtain
  • Players who don’t meet the new criteria for this crest will have to regain it

We’ll continue to iterate on the Honor Initiative as necessary, and then start working on the next phase of the feature."

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