Demacia needs Heroes - A new champion approaches!

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2/8 EDIT #2: Pages 5 and 6 of Quinn's journal have been added! They are at the bottom of the post and give the first look at Quinn's feathered friend.

I know you guys have been patiently waiting and I'm happy to announce we FINALLY have some details on our next champion! Prepare for your first look into the mind of Quinn, an upcoming champion that's going to represent Demacia on the Fields of Justice!
Continue reading for the full teaser, including a short story and two images taken from Quinn's Journal

 Here is the teaser / announcement from none other than IronStylus:
"They are the legions of blue and gold. They are the beacons of justice. They bear the standard. They lead the charge. 
Demacia has always stood a stalwart sentinel against darkness and evil, but the nation faces a world of new and terrible threats. They wield the sword and spear, marching against their foes in mighty numbers, but can an army catch an assassin? Can numbers alone hold back spells woven in shadow and flame? With such vicious forces bearing down upon her doorstep, how will Demacia endure? 
The answer is simple: a new champion approaches. 
She is a new kind of hero, one of new mind and new method. One who can go where armies cannot reach, where swords cannot clash. 
This is her story. Her worth will be tested, her ways will be questioned, but she will forge ahead. Honor guides her path. Justice steadies her aim. Valor is the only ally she needs."

Following the post, a RiotRunaan took to the forums to tease even more!
"Demacian justice does not cower in the face of growing darkness. Demacian justice does not bow its head to the tyranny of cruel nations. Demacian justice does not flinch when challenged by overwhelming odds and forces unimaginable.

No—as evil casts it shadow over Valoran, Demacian justice rises above it. Embracing the new and the old, with vigilance and honor, Demacian justice takes wing."

EDIT: Two more pages have been added, revealing more of Quinn's back story!
"Hand to the ground. Eyes to the sky. Listening, watching, quick strides towards an unknown target. 
The forests stretch out before them. The wind a their backs."

Edit #2: Page 5 and 6 are up!
""Brought to justice", but questions remain. If not Talon, who? If not Noxus, what? 
Memories, victories, and battles still to be fought.

The forest and fields stretch out before them. Looking towards the future, taking flight, the wings of Demacia spread wide."

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