Thresh to get TTL Altar lines in the future

Posted on at 6:00 PM by Moobeat
Since his release, many summoners have been questioning why Thresh doesn't have any unique Twisted Treeline altar interactions. These interactions, which trigger when capturing an altar, feature the two altar spirits speaking specifically to every Shadow Isles champion except Evelynn and now Thresh.
 Kitae has responded to a forum thread about the issue, assuring us that Thresh will get them soon enough!
"Thresh will get TT lore lines at the next TT lore recording which will also give Evelyn lore lines. This will be at the point where we are ready to reveal more about Evelyn's connection to the shadow isles. 
We are ready to do lines for Thresh now, but we don't do recordings for 3-4 lines. It's a time intensive process so we prefer to wait until we have a larger batch of lines to record.

It would be nice if we could instantly put in lore lines for new champions as they come out but it just isn't practical to bring in multiple actors to record a couple lines."
If you are curious to what the other unique TTL Altar interactions are, take a peep at this video.

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