Issue with LP gains in Division I

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As you may have noticed, the new League system has a few kinks that still need to be ironed out. One of these issues is a problem that causes Division 1 players to gain small amounts of LP for each win and lose two to three wins worth of LP for a single loss.
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Here is Yegg with the announcement:
"Hey summoners, 
We've identified an issue affecting many players in Division I of their tier in the new league system. These players were gaining very little LP from their wins, such that a single loss could wipe out the LP gains from two or even three wins. We've been working on this for the last several hours and now have a plan of attack. Here's an explanation: 
What's going on? 
There are some additional checks and balances that are applied to players in Division I because the system needs to be sure that they're ready to move to the next tier before they qualify for their Promotion Series. Because of this, LP gains can be clamped for Division I players if their MMR is far from where it needs to be for the next tier. This check was tuned too aggressively and was causing the reduced LP gains that many players were seeing. 
How are you going to address this? 
We're going to attack it in two ways: in the short term, we're going to be tweaking the tuning values to make this check less punishing for players in Division I, which should make it much more feasible to gain LP over the course of multiple games. We're also going to be specifically addressing the Silver I case by slightly reducing the difficulty of qualifying for Gold tier. I'll update this post when that happens, hopefully tonight. UPDATE: These tweaks have now been applied. 
In the longer term we have some further ideas that we want to explore to make the tuning feel better, and we'll be listening to your feedback to identify areas that can be further improved. 
What about the games that I won during this period? 
Your wins were not ignored or forgotten by the system. If you won more games than you lost during this period, then your MMR is now higher than it was, which will increase your future LP gains and make it easier to qualify for that elusive Promotion Series. 
What about if I was demoted out of Division I? 
Demotions are based on MMR and are unaffected by LP gains and losses, so unfortunately the demotion would have happened regardless of this issue.

Thanks everyone for bearing with us while we work out some of the kinks in the new system. We're dedicated to continually improving it, so please keep letting us know what doesn't feel right and we'll keep looking into it."
When asked if these changes, which have since been implemented, would require a server restart, Yegg responded:
"We can tweak the tuning without a patch and actually without any server downtime at all. Just getting in touch with the right people to make it happen now."

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