Reintroducing The Great Atlas!

Posted on at 1:04 PM by Dr. Frank
Ahem! It’s been almost 2 weeks since I, the illustrious Dr. Frank, first released the contents of my glorious Great Atlas. I must say, I can't be happier with the results, the feedback, the people I met along the way. It’s just priceless.

When I released the Atlas, it began as some sort of experiment. I used a layout I created very long time ago with Jax, and then made 4 more champions just to see what would happen. It had a horrendous amount of typos, grammatical mistakes and theorycrafting errors. But, in the end, we wanted to see how you guys would receive the idea.
"New revamped layout"
We couldn't ask for more! The trial was a success and you guys involved yourselves in the process by giving us ideas and feedback - so much that made me think... 

Continue reading for a reintroduction to the new and improved Great Atlas!
"This community deserves better."
"New Features and Boxes!"
At first, I just planned on just fixing typos and moving on with the old horribly made layout. But, you guys gave so many ideas, and were so enthusiastic that it pretty much gave me the energy to keep working on something bigger.

I wanted to give you guys, something bigger, better, more informative, objective, interesting, nice... I decided to make a full overhaul of the Atlas, the instructions, cards and introduction.
"Fully Resizable and comfortable to read!"
It would be a lot of work for just one person, and I knew I would not be able to work on that alone. That's why I’d like you guys to meet Nurse Flan. Nurse Flan is now the official Editor for both the New Atlas and Sr Grimm's articles. She’s also the one in charge of the Support cards as you will see later.

Long story short - We wanted to thank’s wonderful Community for making all this possible.

Without any further ado, we present you: The NEW and IMPROVED Great Atlas and updated cards for Teemo, Ezreal, Lee Sin, Sona, and Jax!

Check the brand New Great Atlas!

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