IEM Katowice Day 2 Recap

Posted on at 10:58 AM by Seranaya
Alright! After some really intense and amazing games, we've got our complete semifinals bracket now and we're ready to move on and see who takes home the prize and the direct seed into the IEM World Championships.
Continue reading for the day 2 VODs and the schedule for today's matches!

As always, first things first. Did you miss the games today? That's perfectly okay because Seranaya's got you covered! Here's a list of the VODs from day 2:
Azubu Frost vs. SK Gaming
Fnatic vs. Absolute Legends
SK Gaming vs. Absolute Legends
Fnatic vs. Azubu Frost
SK Gaming vs. Fnatic
Absolute Legends vs. Azubu Frost (This VOD is from the Korean broadcast since it was not shown on the English stream)

Be aware that below there are major spoilers for the ending of one of the games. If you haven't watched it and plan on watching it. Don't look!
Check out the Day 1 recap for VODs from the first day of matches as well. Now, the semifinals begin tomorrow at 6:00am EST. The 4 teams that have qualified are as follows:
  • Azubu Blaze
  • Gambit Gaming
  • Fnatic RC
  • Azubu Frost
I'm putting in a special mention about the ending of the Fnatic vs SK Gaming game for xPeke. I have never seen that kind of perfect juking. What a disappointing loss for SK Gaming and an amazing moment for xPeke!
xPeke takes the nexus by himself against Olaf while SK Gaming pushes Fnatic's nexus. xPeke kills the nexus with ~40 health left and Fnatic take the game!
The schedule for both semfiinals and the grand final looks like this:
These are going to be some really really great games between some amazing teams and I can't wait to watch them! Be sure to tune in to the IEM stream for the matches tomorrow. In case you missed it, or want to look up information about this tournament, check out my info post on Katowice.

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