Morello talking Steel Legion Lux, Skins, and Visual Updates

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Now that the PBE has calmed down, let's take in some red posts on some of the more important things in like - skins and visual updates!
Continue reading for a handful of posts from Morello talking about Steel Legion Lux and other skin/VU related goodies!

On Steel Legion Lux
As you may have been privy, many summoners are disappointed with the upcoming Steel Legion Lux skin. The biggest complaint is that this new skin is just another military skin, like Imperial and Command Lux, and neglects to really show off Lux's personality or her lore.... and it turns out that Morello agrees with this!
"...In the case of Lux, this is valid because Lux players want something better aligned to her character, but in Xin's case, this does fit."
 He continued on, saying:
"This is essentially what I'm referring to in this thread - Lux needs something that matches her personality and theme, and none of them currently do.

We'll be releasing Steel Legion since we've done the work, but lesson learned. This priority list has been a long time oversight for us that I intend to correct ASAP."
He did, however, say that he feels Steel Legion Lux is being so negatively received because it isn't "that" sort of Lux skin, not because it is a bad skin
" I'm saying that the lack of such a skin is making Steel Legion be received much more negatively than I think it would be if that were not the case."'
Morello then elaborated more why they aren't pulling or completely reworking the already complete Steel Legion Lux skin.
"Not releasing it has nothing to do with how much work we can allocate to a new Lux skin - once the work is done, it's done, and reworking the entire skin...well why not just release two? It's the same time committment.

I understand you're frustrated, but I'm actually totally agreeing with you on this subject! No need to be antagonistic :P"
When poked if there were any details available on this other Lux skin yet, Morello fired back:
"Not yet as we have to prioritize. You're right that under normal circumstances, we wouldn't do another Lux skin for awhile, but I'd like to do one sooner due to this oversight here. We have more characters in this camp as well, so it's not going to be immediate. I don't have a timetable now, but I'd like to get something figured out here as we flesh this out. 
I just started working heavily with skins a few weeks back, so I'm still figuring some of the details out."
Hopefully this helps shimmer down some of the concerns you guys have been having, in the comments section especially, about Steel Legion Lux :).

Other Visual Odds and Ends
Morello didn't just devote his time to talking about Lux skins though, he also threw out a few other tidbits.

When asked if we can expect another Pulsefire Ezreal quality skin in the next six months or so, he teased us with a simple
On the a new Soraka skin, Morello reminded us there is one in pipeline.
"Yes, to replace Battle Priestess."
Clearing the dust off something we haven't heard about since they got kit reworks, Morello also mentioned that Eve and Twitch are in line for visual updates.
"They're getting art overhauls, which opens the door for new goodies!" 

He also teased the upcoming Trundle visual update by saying:
"Trundle has a lot going on, but hush hush still "
Continuing on the Trundle train by responding to a summoner inquiring about none of Trundle's skins being very appealing, Morello responded:
"Various reasons, but we will be fixing all these - such as we did with Battlecast Urgot (which was "needed cool skin") and Soraka (who needed a model rework). Trundle is on both those lists"

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