LCS EU Day 1 Recap

Posted on at 4:04 PM by Seranaya
After a intense day of group stages with some upsets and some really great games we have our teams that are moving on to the bracket stage in the European LCS.
Continue reading for all the VODs from the day, along with bracket and stream information for tomorrow's matches!

Shall we begin with VODs? I think so. Here's a full list of the VODs by group:
Group Ashe
Fnatic vs. Anexis eSports
Team ALTERNATE vs. Anexis eSports
Fnatic vs. GIANTS! Gaming
Fnatic vs. Team ALTERNATE

Group Blitzcrank
LoLPro vs. DragonBorns
Team Acer vs. Millenium
LoLPro vs. Team Acer
DragonBorns vs. Millenium
DragonBorns vs. Team Acer

Group Cho'Gath
Copenhagen Wolves vs. Against All Authority
Trudniej Już Nie Będzie vs. TCM Gaming
Copenhagen Wolves vs. Trudniej Już Nie Będzie - Part 1 | Part 2

Group Draaaaven

Now the brackets for the quaterfinals look like this:
  • Millenium vs. Copenhagen Wolves
  • Against All Authority vs. DragonBorns
  • GIANTS! Gaming vs. mousesports
  • MeetYourMakers vs. Fnatic
The timing of the games will be like so:

So be sure to tune in tomorrow morning to see who will advance! And remember, the streams are located here:

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