LCS EU Day 2 Recap

Posted on at 12:48 PM by Seranaya
Alright summoners, we now have four of five of the teams that will qualify for the European championship series and only one more day of matches to go!
Continue reading for information on who made it through and who will have to fight for their last chance in tomorrow morning!

Here's a look at all of the VODs from today's matches:
Copenhagen Wolves vs. Millenium
Game 1 | Game 2

Against All Authority vs. DragonBorns
Game 1 | Game 2 | Game 3

GIANTS! Gaming vs. mousesports
Game 1 | Game 2

MeetYourMakers vs. Fnatic
Game 1 | Game 2

Now for the four already qualified teams, who won their matches today and will be a part of the European championship series:
  • Copenhagen Wolves
  • Against All Authority
  • GIANTS! Gaming
  • Fnatic
These four teams will be a part of the weekly tournaments hosted by Riot! The last four teams in the tournament will be battling it out for the final spot. The schedule for the semifinals tomorrow looks like this:
Photo: Leaguepedia
The streams will be at these locations:
And if you missed any of my earlier posts on this event I've got you covered here:
And remember, only one of these teams will make it so it is sure to be an extremely tense day filled with some emotional matches. Happy watching!

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