1/26 PBE Update: SL Garen Sounds, Seeker's Armguard, and more

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Edit: Masked Shaco got a new dance. Add it below!

The Public Beta Environment received two small updates today! Neither of them were very large so I'm just rolling them into one conveniently late package.
Continuing reading to peep the latest batch of PBE changes, including new sounds for Steel Legion Garen, some tweaks to Seeker's Armguard, and more. Additionally, you'll also find a few PBE related red posts tossed in there!

( Warning: PBE content is highly tentative and subject to change! Some of this information may have been datamined and could likely be erroneous. )

Recent PBE Related Red Posts
Regarding the frequent updates lately ( including weekend updates which are not common ), omgwhat posted up a little message:
"Sorry everyone. Lots of dudes are working over the weekend to make sure the next live patch is awesome, so we'll probably be pushing lots of stuff to the PBE over the next few days. We appreciate the patience and extra testing from you!"

Yegg also posted up an announcement that the PBE's League system has been tuned, for testing, to allow faster progression through the tiers.
"We're going to be tinkering with the League System tuning values shortly in order to give people a chance to make it to the Challenger tier in the next couple days. Once the changes are in you'll start gaining vastly more LP from a win than you'll lose from a loss, and you'll note that you're sometimes able to skip a division when you get promoted (as long as your hidden MMR is high enough). 
We've also set the max number of players/teams in Challenger tier to five and removed the grace period for being immune to demotion, so once you make it in, you'll have to battle to keep your spot.

These values, as you might guess, will not be reflective of what you'll experience on the live server."
 Lastly, Riot NOC enlightened us on why match histories, on the PBE, are not showing up.
"We made some database optimizations that cleared match history. All stats are still stored, but your previous 10 games will not show up."

Steel Legion Garen Sounds
Steel Legion Garen finally got the rest of his sounds added. As you would expect, he has lots of shock, static, and lightning-y sounds.

Here is a very quick preview video of them:


New Masked Shaco Dance
Riot snuck a new dance for Masked Shaco in on us!
Armguard changes
"Seeker's Arm-guard" has been renamed "Seeker's Armguard" and has new, more appropriate icon!

Champion Select Warning Changes
 The champion select notification has been changed from the "little squares showing everyone accepting or declining" to the old "Finish what I was doing" and "Play Now" buttons. I really don't think this will make it back to live but I am stuffing it in here for reference.

Balance Changes

No balance changes in the game client but the AIR client has some interesting changes for champions who gain permanent stats from killing minions - Sion ( HP ), Veigar ( AP ), and Nasus ( damage on Q ). These stat increasing tool tips ( again, I reiterate that this isn't yet in the game client only on the air client ) now read "This bonus is doubled against Champions, large minions and large monsters."

Edit: CertainlyT on this change:
"We are trying this mechanic out on Nasus/Veigar/Sion in the hopes of generating some extra tension over siege minions in lane and enhancing their versatility on non-SR maps. Also, it's cool."

Need to catch up on the previous patches in this PBE cycle?

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