[ Updated ] Goth Annie NOT temporarily available until Feb 10th

Posted on at 1:18 PM by Moobeat
UPDATE: Nevermind! In response to a TON of a negative feedback, Hippalus has went back on this decision.
"Hey guys – clearly a lot of you were taken aback by this. The goal here was to help out players that didn't want to have to overpay for Goth Annie (because they already owned a lot of the champions in the pack), but based on the feedback here, we’re no longer planning to release Goth Annie into the store as a standalone skin with the upcoming patch."
Woah! Good news for those of you who have been eyeballin' the newly updated Goth Annie skin! After the visual update arrives in the next patch, you'll be able to purchase Goth Annie for 975 Riot Points until February 10th.

"To celebrate Annie’s Visual Upgrade, we’re unleashing the Dark Child’s most door-slamming, parent-hating skin upon the store with the release of the upcoming patch. Goth Annie, previously only attainable as part of the League of Legends Digital Collector’s Pack, features unique spell effects, a particularly vicious and patchwork Tibbers, and more angst than your average high school drama club.
Once the patch goes live, Goth Annie will be scowling away in the in-game store until February 10, and can be picked up for 975 RP."
This skin is normally only available for those who purchase the  Digital Collectors's Pack for 3900 Riot Points so be sure to snag her while she is cheap!

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