Ziggs and Blitzcrank Ducals Giveaway! [ Closed ]

Posted on at 4:51 AM by Moobeat
This contest is over! Thanks for all of you who participated and congratulations to the winners.

Hey guys, sorry I've been a bit quiet on the ole giveaway front lately. I recently moved and I just now got around to unpacking my treasure chest of giveaway items, which contains all sorts of goodies such as these awesome Ziggs and Boom Boom Blitzcrank stickers!
Continue reading to see how you can hook one of these for yourself!

As you may recall from the other similar sticker giveaways, these vinyl decals come to us from the fine gentlemen over at Ducals. Their stickers come in many different designs, colors and sizes, and fit snugly on  glass, cars, laptops, cell phones, or any plastic surface. You can check them out on Facebook or visit their Etsy shop to peruse their wide selection of LoL designs and more.

** As a special treat for fans of S@20, you can now enter the promo code "SURAT20" when checking out on their ETSY store to receive 15% off your purchase! **

I have two of each sticker and here is how you can snag one::
This contest is open to both NA and international entries and will run until November 13th at 9:00 pm EST, at which point I will stop accepting entries and notify the winners in a timely manner ( PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF TEEMO, DON'T SPAM ME WITH "DID YOU PICK WINNERS YET? ) . Failure to follow/like and share/retweet will invalidate your entry and that really stinks because I hate picking winners only to find out they never fully followed the instructions OR I can't get a hold of them because they have a fancy private profile.

P.S: I have more stuff to giveaway soon, including more of those neato ward key chains!


  1. "for the love of teemo" made me laugh :D

  2. Am I the only one who thinks these are ugly ? I don't wanna enter this contest. :D

  3. I want a Ziggs sticker but I have only got facebook :/ They should delete blitzcrank from the game stupid grabs --''

    1. Get good at hiding behind minions.

    2. Gotta love it when your Blitz and they don't hide, ah... fun times.

  4. BLitz ROcks and awesome stickers! Check some of the most amazing sticker http://www.printingblue.co.uk/stickers-printing.asp

  5. How does that 15% off purchases, exactly work?