Tales of the Lane Finale

Posted on at 5:46 AM by Seranaya
Hey S@20, sorry I'm a little late since this is ongoing as I type, but the finals for Tales of the Lane are here! Teams from all over Europe have flown to France and are currently competing in this great tournament!
Read on to see who's playing, stream link, tournament info, and bracket info!

The stream is located here, so be sure to check out the action.
So what is Tales of the Lane? It's a tournament sponsered by The Chips et Noi. Here are the teams that are/have participated so far (Line through means they've been eliminated):
  • SK Gaming
  • Mouz
  • Eclypsia
  • Curse.eu
  • Alternate
  • Moscow Five.BenQ
  • Tt Dragons
  • Fnatic
  • I Want Cookie
  • Meet Your Makers
It's also being cast by fan favourites, Deman and Jatt! So you know it's going to be good.
Here are the current bracket standings:
These teams are playing for a chance to win $30,000 and to be forever engraved in the Great Grimoire Tales of the Lane! It should be a really great day of games, especially between Curse.eu and M5!


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    1. I was so excited for Curse that they won game 1 too. It was awesome!

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    1. CLG.EU is playing against Curse.NA today in the Lone Star Clash finals

    2. CLG.EU is playing against Curse.NA today in the Lone Star Clash finals

  3. What you didn't say is that Tales of the Lane is a crowdfunded tournament. It means that some fans and viewers (mostly french) donated for this tournament to happen and Chips & Noi and their crew organized this tournament by themselves and we have there one of the best tournaments in Europe so far (even Deman & Jatt agreed on that). Only CLG.EU wasn't there.
    Great tournament and there will another one next year (yay !)

  4. Wait... Curse can actually win games?

  5. hey moobeat, in the korea lol server announced season 2 end date and update.