MLG Dallas begins!

Posted on at 3:50 PM by Seranaya
Here's a quick reminder for everyone that MLG Dallas will be starting shortly.
Continue on for the bracket and stream links!

Alright here we go! The bracket is as follows:
The games begin at 6pm CT now, as there was a delay. Here's a quick screen cap of the new schedule for your ease of viewing:
All times are in CT.
The stream is located here on the MLG website. (Note: If the premium box doesn't disappear, just click the X in the top right and it should fix it up right away so you don't miss any awesome MLG action!)


  1. isn't there missing a round 1 match in the new schedule?

    1. Hm. So there is. I wonder what happened there. That schedule came directly from MLG's website.

  2. the link stream is for SC2

    lol mlg stream

  3. the stream link posted is wrong here's the direct link to the stream

  4. Is there a reason my stream looks like its in RB 3d?

  5. You can also watch the stream on twitch.