DreamHack Winter 2012

Posted on at 9:38 AM by Seranaya
**VODs have been added for Day 1 Group stages**
Sorry for the late post, Thanksgiving calls my name! Until I'm finished eating, here's a short post about the event!
Continue reading for information on attending teams, prizes, and the stream link.

Here we go, Dreamhack Winter 2012 is underway! It's going to be a really great weekend. The tournament will play out like so: The group stage is single elimination and split into 2 groups with each match-up being a best-of-one. The top two teams will advance to the playoffs. The playoffs will be single elimination best-of-three match-ups. Here's a list of the attending teams this year at Dreamhack Winter 2012:
  • Counter Logic Gaming Europe
  • Curse Europe
  • Fnatic RC
  • The Mighty Midgets
  • Team Acer
  • Giants! Gaming
  • Sju Sjösjuka Sjömän
  • Copenhagen Wolves
The games will be cast today by quksh0t and Panky, while the event is hosted by Rachel Quirico. A quick listing of prizes:
  • 1st: 125,000 SEK
  • 2nd: 85,000 SEK
  • 3rd: 30,000 SEK
  • 4th: 30,000 SEK
  • 5th-8th: 15,000 SEK
Here's a look at the schedule for the entire weekend:
22/11 Thursday: 15.30 Group A
22/11 Thursday: 17.00 Group A
22/11 Thursday: 18.30 Group A
22/11 Thursday: 20.00 Group B
22/11 Thursday: 21.30 Group B
22/11 Thursday: 23.00 Group B

23/11 Friday: 10.30 Group A / B
23/11 Friday: 12.00 Group A / B
23/11 Friday: 13.30 Group A / B

23/11 Friday: 15.30 Semifinal #1
23/11 Friday: 19.00 Semifinal #2
23/11 Friday: 22.30 Grand Final

Above is the embedded stream for the event, you can also click this stream link, where you can watch it in free HD! Woo.

Have you missed some of the first games? No worries I've got VODs for you. I'll post these when I can in between all my Thanksgiving festivities!
CLG.eu vs OZone GIANTS: VOD located here
CLG.eu vs Team Acer: VOD located here
OZone GIANTS vs Team Acer: VOD located here
Curse.eu vs Fnatic RC: VOD located here
Curse.eu vs The Mighty Midgets: VOD located here
Fnatic RC vs The Mighty Midgets: VOD located here


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