11/19 PBE Patch: Nami and item changes.

Posted on at 11:56 PM by Moobeat
A small update has been pushed to the PBE! While it still doesn't contain any new splash arts, it does contain several number and name changes.
Continue reading for a run down of what's new with Nami and a handful of item changes.

Nami Changes
Nami got a handful of her abilities renamed and tweaks to several of the coefficients. These name changes can be seen on her champion page but not on the in game tool tips.
  • Nami's Passive has been renamed to Surging Tides from Celerity
  • Nami's Q has been renamed to Aqua Prison from Hydro Blast
  • Nami's Q's AP Ratio has been reduced to .65 from .75
  • Nami's  W has been renamed to Ebb and Flow from Surging Tides
  • Nami's W's heal has been increased by 10 at all ranks.
  • Nami's E has been renamed to Tidecaller's Blessing from Aqueous Empowerment.
  • Nami's R has had it's AP ratio reduced to .7 from .8.

Item Changes
Several items have been changed in the files and in practice, but that have NOT had their tooltips updated in game. For example, Madred's  Razors now deal 10 bonus true damage to neutral monsters and you can see that when you attack a monster, but you wouldn't know that by looking at the tooltip.
Madred's Razors
  • chance to deal bonus damage increased to 25% from 20.
  • Now deals 10 true damage to monsters
Mercurial Scimitar
  • Attack damage lowered to 60 from 65
  • Bonus movement speed on active reduced to 50% from 100%
Spirit Stone
  • Now deals 10 true damage to monsters
Sword of the Divine
  • Attack Speed increased to 45% from 40%
  • Active cooldown increased to 60 seconds from 25 seconds.
  • Combine cost increased to 850 from 650
Wriggle's Lantern
  • Proc chance increased to 25% from 20%.

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    1. omg moobeat 2554kbps really ?
      u got 10x + faster than mine, i only can reach 200-300 kbps :(

    2. First off it's actually KBps (bytes not bits). Run a www.speedtest.net and use Google to convert it to bytes, "2400Kbps to KBps". This will display your max download speed of your internet service.

    3. well Moobeat's download speed is in KBps and that's hella fast!

    4. usually in speedtest it gives the speed in Mbps, so you have to convert to MBps then to KBps

    5. I download 3113 KBps, is that also fast?

  2. Damn, and I liked how 'Surging Tides' sounded compared to 'Ebb and Flow'.
    'Tidecaller's Blessing' hits the mark though :3

    1. Surging Tides is the passive now though, and Celerity sounded pretty weird anyway. Surging Tides is a good name for what her passive does, and i agree that Tidecaller's Blessing is great.

  3. Did they fix the mana cost bug on "Ebb and Flow" finally? That was making test playing her a real pain when level 1 would cost 120 mana.

  4. Still wish the width of her q would increase a little. Just a bit.

  5. I still wonder when they will fix the Pharaoh Nidalee cougar? It's still all blue like in that picture in the post

  6. Sword of the Divine
    Combine cost increased to 850 from 650
    Is that why when I tried buying it earlier, I had to buy it again?

    I also hope they fix the explorer ward crash.

  7. What about the space cat from Nidalee's Pharaoh skin?

  8. they really know how to make items unviable

  9. happy they brought nami's AP ratio a bit down to bring her more at a support level...exciting!

  10. But I was so likes older names off Nami skills - Tell God WHYYYYYYYY!!??!!!??!

  11. how do you even log into the PBE? Every time I try the queue timer just goes up.