Season 2 World Championships

Posted on at 8:54 PM by Seranaya
Now that the Korean regionals are over and done with, we have our full 12 teams that will be participating in the Season 2 World Championship!
Continue on to find out who won the Korean regionals and what exactly is going down at the World Championships

I'm here to give a really HUGE congratulations to NaJin Sword who came all the way from round 1 of the regionals to beat Azubu Blaze out for a spot in the World Championship! NaJin Sword were so dominant throughout this series. I can't wait to see how they fare against the world's top teams in October.
A very upset Cpt Jack after Azubu Blaze's loss to NaJin Sword.
Want to watch the games between these two really great teams? I can do that for you!
The games are located at the following times:

  1. 6:20:00
  2. 7:06:00
  3. 7:59:00
Gotta love those Korean casters! So much intensity.

Want another way to find the games, perhaps in English? Go to this website. Only problem here is you have to register to watch anything.

Season 2 World Championships
Alright! I know you're all itching to see the setup for the world finals that will be held between October 4th and October 13th in Los Angeles, California. Let's get to it!
The top teams from around the world are ready, grouped, and set to go to battle for the title of world champions. Here are the groupings that have been released:
Now, you may be wondering why all of the other teams that placed first in their respective regional finals get byes except Azubu Frost! What gives? Well, since there are only 4 bye spots for this tournament, one of these teams were randomly drawn to be placed back into the group stage. Poor Azubu Frost was picked. The Azubu's are not having a great day today, what with Blaze being eliminated and such. Regions that sent more than one team to these championships will not play one another during the group phase.

These eight unseeded teams are going to compete in best-of-one round robin from October 4th-6th. The top two teams in each group are going to move on to the quarter finals where they will be put up against the regional bye teams. These will be played as best-of-three single elimination matches. Once we have our two top teams, they will play each other at the World Finals on October 13th in a best-of-five match!
Here's a graphic for all that typing I just did:
Now, for what each team will be receiving depending on how they place! Coming from the highest paying season I think I've ever seen, a $2,000,000 prize pool will be split as follows (some seriously hefty rewards here):

  • 1st: $1,000,000
  • 2nd: $250,000
  • 3rd/4th: $150,000
  • 5th-8th: $75,000
  • 9th/10th: $50,000
  • 11th/12th: $25,000
This event is going to be played on patch 1.67. This means that both Syndra and Rengar will be unavailable for play. RiotMarcou posted this in regards to this:
"As announced, League of Legends patch 1.67 will be used at the World Championship on October 4th-6th & October 13th. Both Rengar & Syndra will be restricted from this tournament due to their recent introductions to the fields of justice."
As for your casters for the event, I present to you these fine men:
Joshua "Jatt" Leesman
Rivington "RivingtonThe3rd" Bisland III
David "Phreak" Turley
(I had to use this GIF one more time)
Leigh "Deman" Smith
There are some people that are upset over Joe "Joe Miller" Miller not casting for the World Championships. He tweeted a couple time about this but was very vague.
"3 facts of friday:No IEM China, No S2 Finals for Joe, Im leaving town for a weekend to ponder ze future" - Joe Miller's twitter
Followed shortly by this tweet after an uproar on Reddit about him not being chosen as a caster.
"As for how it happened that I was going and now not is something that will stay private"
So no Joe Miller at the Season 2 World Championships :c

On a lighter note, I don't think I'm going to be able to leave my computer for this whole event! Guess it's time to stock up on rations because this is going to be intense! Who do you think is going to take home the title of World Champion? Comment below to let me know!


  1. Did you see Ocelote Gangam style :P

  2. they were really annoying on reddit about it.



  5. I hope, M5 with their original choices will show us something interesting and unique again.

  6. wow azubu blaze couldnt get into worlds i wonder how strong are the korean :X

  7. Poor ol' Cpt Jack. I was hoping for an Azubu showdown for the final match at the world championship. But wasn't it Azubu Frost anyway that introduced (or at least made a bit more mainstream) the Azubu name / Korean playstyle when they beat TSM earlier this year?

  8. I honestly am looking forward to the Asian teams. I hope they bring some awesome plays that will stomp NA and EU teams. I'm looking forward to the matches!

  9. Deman! =D Yesssssss! Easily my favourite commentator for League of Legends.

    1. He is lol expert so he is a must!!

  10. teeeeeeessssseeeeeemmm

  11. these asian teams, they have so much coordination, the support suddenly appears in top lane the adc goes mid, its like there are no such thing as lanes in their game, it will be interesting to see them agaist EU NA teams who play it so safe and by the book, cant wait.

  12. can someone explain to me the bye system

    i dont get it

  13. may i ask a question???(i will anyways)
    on reddit i saw a threat about a championship(live one if recall right)from where 3 more teams will qualify 4 the s2 finals and i wanna know if its true so i can cheer for my fav team that didnt qualify(azubu blaze)

  14. Koreans always win Lawl.

  15. Was really hoping for a Moscow 5 v azubu blaze match :( now that they didn't get in I suppose M5 win

    1. Azubu Frost & Najin Sword beat blaze a lot of times

  16. where can i watch the VOD of the finals